Sunday, March 4, 2012

Update on2012 Goals- February

Well another month has past in 2012, so let's see how I have been doing on my goals for 2012 so far...

1. Blog more- In January I had 16 posts and in February I only had 6. Guess I slacked off a good deal last month. Need to get back blogging!!

2. Become More Organized- Hmmm this one is still a work in progress. I'm not LESS organized than I was though so I guess that's something. I'm hoping to use March and April to get a good deal of spring cleaning done, so in May I will see how successful I have been with this goal.

3. Shop Less- Eek!!! I did so well there for a while, but then Uncle Sam paid me my tax refund and I went a little...just a little! shop happy. Most of that money is in savings now though so I'm going to try to go back to my orignal plan of only buying one or two things on my wish list each pay period.

4.Try out a new recipe every two weeks- Well the every two weeks part hasn't been true, but I have made three new dishes, the taco casserole that I posted about, chocolate chip cookie dough dip, and chicken cheese roll ups, both of which I found on Pinterest. So we will consider this one partially successful.

5. Start couponing again- I have been using coupons everytime I go to the grocery store so we will call this goal a success so far :)

6. Donate to Charity Monthly- YAY a goal I have been 100% successful with so far!! January was to the World Wildlife Fund and February I donated to the National Wildlife Fund and renewed my membership in the Children's Miracle Network through the local radiothon. I am now once again donating $10 each month for the next year to the local Children's Miracle Network which is located right in my hometown.

Guess I haven't been too unsuccessful so far. Just need to get back to blogging more and shopping less!!!


  1. there is a bunch of recipes i want to try on pinterest!!! :)

  2. So far so good. Gotta update my resolutions too... #3~ pretty tough. 'Shop less' doesn't even sound easy :( we have to be reminded every now and then. Shop less, it can do wonders. Cheers!


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