Sunday, February 27, 2011

CSN Stores Review

Time for another review of the great CSN Stores! CSN is amazing because you can find pretty much anything you are looking for there. Sometime in the very near future, I am hoping to get a LCD TV, therefore I will need a new LCD TV stand. Here are some of the lovely ones I found that I just love!

I like all the little storage areas with this one. Plenty of room for the DVD player, Wii and cable box.

Love the look of this one!

They also have many different fireplace TV stands which I just adore right now!

I will be looking at all my choices so when I do get my new TV I can get the perfect stand to go along with it :). Be sure to check out CSN for TV stands and anything else you may need!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Weekly Song Wednesday!

Well it looks like this week I am bringing back all of my old topics! Now if only I could get back my old traffic, it'd be great :). Well today its back to "Weekly Song Wednesday" and I think I have a pretty good one. Today's pick is "Marry You" by Bruno Mars. I seriously LOVE everything I have heard by Bruno Mars and even though his first two songs are more overplayed than anything else, I still love them. This guy is becoming my new favorite artist. I think he will be around for a long time to come! Enjoy!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

YouTube Tuesday!

Well I decided after seeing this video on Facebook, that I had to bring back "YouTube Tuesday" for this week too! Its pretty funny, although some of you may have seen it already since it was pretty popular last week. Enjoy!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

My 5 Monday! Favorite Superbowl Commercials!

It's the return of "My 5 Monday"! For this week at least :). So every year during the Superbowl, everyone looks forward to the commercials. Now I myself pretty much only pay attention to commercials during the Superbowl. Most other times I will channel surf just so I don't have to watch them. Every year there are some great commercials during the game, and this year didn't disappoint. Even though I like multiple ones, I will play by the rules (that I basically made up) and narrow it down to 5!

1. Chrysler
So I love me some Eminem and I am from Michigan so I love anything that features Michigan in a positive light. Therefore when I saw this commercial it instantly became my favorite of the night. Completely, 100% true too!

2. Best Buy
Let me just say Ozzy Osbourne cracks me up. I used to watch his show on MTV and it would always make me laugh. When I saw this commercial I actually laughed out loud and it became my favorite of the night...until the Chrysler one and then it became a close second. My favorite part: "What's a Bieber?!" The above video is actually an extended version and therefore funnier than the one I saw originally!

3. Teleflora
Well this commercial just made me laugh. Seriously!

So Doritos had multiple commericals throughout the Superbowl. The dog one was cute, the finger licking guy one was creepy, but this one was just funny. I had multiple goldfish die when I was younger and if I knew that sprinkling Doritos into the bowl would bring them back to life I would've done it :)

5. NFL Fans
Okay this commerical I just loved. How they were able to get all these old and new TV show clips and edit them so they are all wearing football clothing with football items in the background  just amazes me. LOVED IT!!

So somehow I was able to narrow it down to just 5 great commericals even though there were many more including the Bridgestone, Darth Vader child, and the truck that was supposed to be Lassie just to name a few.

I also loved the intro:

and of course you have to have this:

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Idol Live with Nicole! Hollywood Week Pt.1

YAY!!! Finally time for Hollywood. No more auditions! Sorry for the lack of recap on yesterday's show. I got home late and missed the first 20 mins of the show so I didn't think it was worth it. There were a few great singers so hopefully they will do great in Hollywood too!

The first round for Hollywood is apparently sudden death. Go big or go home I guess. Starting off the round is Brett (the kid I said looked like a mix between Blake Lewis and Shaun White (or Carrot top, can't remember)). After letting us all know he is extremely nervous, he sings "Let it Be". Not too bad, but I have heard it better fro previous contestants i.e. Brooke White and Kris Allen. He is the only one we actually get to hear in this group. He makes it to the next round, along with 4 or so other people who we didn't hear anything about. Rachel, Thia, and Casey all sing next. They also all move onto the next round.

Victoria, the uber happy young girl with the strange speaking voice, is up next. Don't really know what she is singing, but she doesn't appear nervous at all. She however, does not make it through and is headed home. She's still smiling though!

James, the guy with Asperger's, and Paris, the young mother with the special needs daughter are up next. Paris sings "My Heart Will Go On" and sounds pretty great. Almost as good as the original! James sings something I don't know and does pretty well. He reminds me of Adam Lambert when he sings though :/. Also in this round are Lauren, who sang "I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing" and Stormi "Miss Teen USA". Stormi sings "Stay". She sounds louder than she did in the audition, but still a little shaky. Lauren sings "Unchained Melody" and does pretty well. James, Lauren, and Paris all make it through. Stormi is sent home. Chris,the guy with the disabled fiance (aka sob story of the season), is next. He picks "You and I Both" and sounds good until he messes up. He still makes it through to the next round though.

Hollie, the girl who cried because she was so nervous during her audition, Jacee (the chubby young kid who kinda sounded like Justin Bieber when he sang), and Robbie, who has been picturing himself on stage since he was seven are next. Jacee sings "Bless The Broken Road" and does good. Robbie also does good with whatever he sings and Hollie belts out whatever it is she sings. Apparently nerves didn't get the best of the kiddies since they all move on to the next round. Steve, the accountant, is next. He sings "Just Haven't Met You Yet". Sounds decent to me, but the judges disagree and send him home. We are then treated to many other contestants who don't make it through.

After the Ford commercial within the show, Ryan talks to various contestants who talk about their nerves. We then get to see lots of contestants messing up very badly. Rob and Chelsee, the broken up couple, who were featured in the earlier audition shows are next. They haven't got back together, but they are each bunking with the same sex member of the other couple that are still together (if that made sense?). Rob sings first and he has an interesting tone to his voice at certain parts. Chelsee also does pretty good ad they both move on to round two. The couple that are still together, Nick and Jacqueline, are next. Nick goes first, and I'm not too big of a fan at all. Jackie does much better though. Nick ends up going home while Jackie makes it. That kinda sucks for them, but she deserved to move forward. Nick begs to sing more, but the judges remind him of the rules about "ONE SHOT". Kind of feel bad for him. That is until he starts singing as he is walking out of the auditorium scream singing. He then asks Ryan if he is just washed out emotionally since he has been there for 10 years. I guess he thought Ryan should be heartbroken too.

Scotty, the young guy with the deep country voice, is next. He decides to sing the same song he auditioned with. He does it well, but I don't know if I like that he picked it again. Apparently, other contestants had the same idea though. Jackie and Jerome also decide o give encore performances. Worked out well for all three of them since they all move on.

Tiffany, the girl with the stars on her bra, is up first. She then says, and I quote, "I'm gonna be honest. I'm tired of seeing people TRY to do what I know I CAN". Seriously biatch, you better knock it outta the park now! She then gives the most DRAMATIC over the top performance ever. Its not bad, but I hope she gets booted since she is way too obnoxious. Travis, the kid who lived in shelters for a couple years, is next. He sings "This Love" and it's not bad, but not great either. Based on personality he needs to move on over Tiffany though. Unfortunately, cute and sweet Travis is sent home, while Tiffany moves on. I am almost positive she will piss off whoever the poor souls are that are stuck in a group with her though. Hopefully she won't last long! In a total of about 30 seconds we see more contestants that advanced to the next round, including the white house intern and one of my favs Stefano, the car accident victim :).

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Finding Clyde CD Giveaway Coming Soon!!

A couple weeks ago, I posted about the great music by Finding Clyde. Well I was thrilled to find out from my bestie Becca, that I would be able to do a giveaway for their amazing cd here. Stay tuned to "Its All Random" for all the rules. The giveaway will be happening in the next week or so, so be sure to check back often. While you wait, click HERE to check out their music!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Idol Live with Nicole! Auditions Pt. 6

The sixth audition episode takes place tonight in Los Angeles! Hopefully there will be lots of great singers here! The show starts with a recap of some of the singers found so far. Ryan once again tells is its some of the best talent they've seen in 10 seasons. Like I have stated before, I am pretty sure he says that EVERY season! We shall see Ryan! I am pretty sure Randy stole the little Oscar statue's shoes! They are some kind of gold!

Victoria,21, is the first contestant of the night. She thinks she will be the winner. She sounds like Alvin and the Chipmunks when she sings. Holy squeakiness Batman! The judges give her a well deserved NO! Steven says she sounds like a lamb and I have to agree! On her way out she tells her mom and the camera that JLo can't really sing well herself.

Tim, 23, has a huge crush on Jennifer. He is actually kinda cute! About time! He sings "She Will Be Loved" and I like it. I may be biased since he is the best looking contestant I can remember this season though. I seem to have a soft spot for the cute guys on this show :). He needs to get his teeth whitened a little though. Randy gives him a no, but Steven and Jennifer both send him through to Hollywood.

Justin, 27 is featured first after the commercial. He is also kinda cute, but his voice isn't very good. No Hollywood for him ( I don't think). Daniel and Issac are up next. They are friends and came to audition together. Daniel,18 is first with "I'll Be". It is not good at all. He gets a no from all three judges. Isaac, 18 sings "Build Me Up Buttercup". He is also pretty bad. I don't really know why these two got TV time since neither is going on to Hollywood. Seriously? We can't see people that actually do get through? They do both have positive attitudes though and liked that they were told they are attractive. Good for them!

The MySpace audition winners are featured next. Glad someone is still using poor old MySpace! Karen 21, is first with "You Give Good Love To Me". Nice voice. Finally! Apparently Karen sang to JLo on TRL back in the day. She is off to Hollywood! Taneisha, 25,  is up next after doing the splits in the confessional. That's fantastic. She seems annoying already. She even comes equipped with a microphone. She's going to do a tribute to Frank SInatra. Ohhh poor Frank. She is just butchering his great song "My Way". Apparently she is a great singer that already has three albums that are "ready to be composed". Randy leaves the stage and she chases after him singing "You're Gonna Love Me". Oh goodness. ANNOYING!!! I really hope she wasn't one of the MySpace winners. She finally leaves after singing her third song and having security escort her out.

Sidenote: Every time I see a preview for that Justin Bieber movie, that song gets stuck in my head!

Heidi, 23, decides to sing after doing a little dance for the judges. Decent voice, but I think Randy just likes the way she looks. She is on to Hollywood. Matt is pretty creepy in my opinion. He goes by "Mr. MSFP".Apparently he started his own company. Don't really understand much of what he is saying. Apparently he has a hip hop alter ego. Let me inform you that he is some chubby weight guy in a business suit, He then raps about something. I hear the words "red cross" and "wheel of fortune", but none of it makes sense to me at all. He tells Randy that he is a freelance music producer and he has "millions" but then changes it to bunches of clients. OMG this is horrible! He literally asks for another chance "even though it is against their best judgement". Shockingly he doesn't get through! He promises to be back next year. I can hardly wait! He gives Ryan his CD and tells him to listen to the whole thing and then call him up and tell him what he thinks. Ryan tells him he doesn't have his number. He then informs the camera that he and Randy now have a beef. However will Randy sleep!

After some more bad, yet funny auditions we finally get some good ones! Mark and Aaron are up next and they are brothers. They duet with "Lean on Me" and they don't sound bad at all. Pretty darn good actually! Anybody sounds good after the previous shown contestants though I guess. Cute guys, nice voices, and it seems like good personalities. They are both through to the next round!

We end the show with Cooper aka The Human Tornado. I already love that they are giving him subtitles while he speaks, even though you can actually understand what he is saying. He THINKS he is 59, but he's not sure. Apparently he is trying to be the next "Pants on the Ground" guy, but he is just plain annoying. He says he is going to be the next movie star. I think he is at the wrong show. JLo asks if he is still in the hallway before leaving. Its kinda sad that he actually came all the way to LA from Arkansas to make a complete fool of himself.

Next week is San Francisco, where we see more sob stories and people that can actually sing! I think Ryan said Hollywood week starts next week too. YAY!! :)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Idol Live with Nicole! Auditions Pt.5

Part 5 of the auditions takes place tonight in Austin. I believe there will be eight audition shows in all. Thats about four more than enough for me! Only an hour tonight though so whoo hoo!!

At the beginning of the show they show us some disclaimer (which I am assuming is fake) apologizing for last week's behavior by Steven Tyler. Yup it was fake seeing as how they show a clip of a kid who's name is "Jake Muck" and Steven asking him if he knows what Muck rhymes with. Steven then looks a little hung over as he gets out of the horse and carriage? for the start of the day and Marc Anthony makes a cameo.

The show kicks off with Cory, 21, who didn't meet his sister until they were in their teens even though they lived 15 mins away from each other their whole lives. HIs sister is very intrigued by the little bitty mics they have attached to their shirts during the interview. The judges have Cory go get his sister so she can judge his singing with them. Cory sings "I Can't Make You Love Me" and its not very good in my opinion. It gets a smidge better as it goes on. His sister says she thinks it was amazing. Randy was pleastnly surprised seeing as how his speaking voice is so high. JLo and Steven both liked him also. I'm still thinking "eh", but he gets through to Hollywood. He leaves after telling them he has always been told he has a JLo booty (which he actually does).

Hollie, 17, is up next and she sings "At Last". She puts a little country twist on it. Judges weren't a fan at all really. Randy says she's not ready yet, but Jennifer wants to know if she can stop crying enough to try another song. She then sings "The Climb" and she barely makes it through without crying. It gets better as she goes on. JLo and Steven both say yes and Randy changes his mind meaning she is also through to Hollywood. Hopefully she gets it together by Hollywood or she will never make it to the live shows.

Montage of people who didn't make it through are next. Rodolofo butchers "Circle of Life" so I guess he should've been included in that montage instead of actually being featured.

John Wayne Schultz, 23, works on a ranch. Apparently he is an authentic cowboy. His mom was diagnosed in 2007 with breast cancer. She told him to try out for Idol. He is probably the cutest contestant that has been featured this season, thus far. John sings "I Believe" and its kinda boring. He's got a decent country voice, but not sure how he will do with other genres (I think I have said this about many other people also this season). Randy has him go get his parents so they can be there when the judges tell him "Welcome to Hollywood".

Courtney,17, thinks Ryan is the sexiest man alive. Her obsession seems to border a little along the stalker lines. She is crying when she gets to meet him. The girl seriously seems a little crazy. Yup, she imitates a chicken next. She is crazy! She sings "Stay" and its actually pretty good. Seems all the crazy ones can sing this season. Got to be a little over the top at the end. She is through to Hollywood courtesy of Steven and Jennifer. Ryan should be thrilled.

Shauntel,24 , is up first after commercial. Followed by Alex, 26 and Caleb, 19. They all get about 10 secs of airtime, but are all sent to Hollywood. Wow they are playing "Beautiful Day" by Lee Dewyze in the background. I'm pretty sure thats the first time I've heard it since the finale last May. Turns out Alex, Shauntel, and Caleb weren't the only ones to get through. Apparently many people got through that morning.

Jacqueline, 21 and Nick, 19 are next. They are boyfriend and girlfriend who met in choir in college. Next we are shown the most cheesy montage ever. They want to be American Idol's first "power couple". Jacqueline goes first and sings "Mercy". She actually is pretty good. NIck goes next with "Sunday Morning". He has an intersting tone to his voice. Reminds me of Michael Buble a little?? The judges loved both of them and they are continuing on their journey to become Idol's first power couple.

Janelle, sets the record straight about "country people". Her family has been trying to get her to audition for 5 years. She sings two songs and is probably one of the best of the night. She is through to Hollywood.

After being shown a short montage of many strange contestants followed by yet another commerical break, we meet the last contestant of the night. Casey, 19, gets told he looks like Seth Rogen. He plays some instrument that looks like a keyboard that you blow into. He sings "I Don't Need No Doctor". Well it is entertaining, but in a good way. The judges give him a "yes" in sync.

Tomorrow night the auditions head to Los Angeles.

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