Saturday, January 26, 2013

This Shall Be Called A Variety Post :)

Hey all! I have been informed by one of my loyal readers that I haven't updated in a while so I figured it was time for another posting. I don't have anything specific to type about, so this shall be a variety post :). After all my blog is called "Its All Random" so I guess its fitting. First of all let me notify you all of how my money saving challenge is going that I blogged about in my last post. We are beginning the 5th week of the month tomorrow, so I am up to date with my weekly challenges so far. I've only had to deposit a total of $10 to date, but its a start right. I know with the amounts getting higher it will be more of a challenge, but my debt is getting lower so I think I will be able to make it happen! I still think I am going to skip around weeks and get the biggest amounts deposited ASAP so I can just worry about the smaller amounts. Have any of you tried this challenge? How are you doing with it??
Next I was looking for suggestions or ideas of what to blog about. When I first started this blog, I had designated days for different topics ( My 5 Monday, YouTube Tuesday, Weekly Song Wednesday, etc). Clearly I have fallen off that regimen, but I am looking for new things to feature. I still will be featuring my favorite YouTube videos and songs I am loving, but not on a weekly basis. I am thinking about starting a "Flashback Friday" where I feature things that I loved in the past and now miss. You should all be aware of my love of the 90's since I featured a three part series on my favorite things from back then. Those postings also happen to be the most read posts from my blog, so clearly I am not the only one with a profound love for that decade. So with all that being said I think I am going to start "Flashback Fridays". Hopefully this Friday will be the beginning of that and I am crossing my fingers that it is a success!
Finally, I came across this article which I found to be extremely amusing. I seriously was reading it at 11:30 last night and actually laughing out loud. It is that awesome. Therefore I am going to share it with all of you. For my fellow 90's children you will get a kick out of this for sure. It is titled "22 Looks Justin Timberlake Needs To Bring Back Right Now" and it is complete with pictures which make it that much better. Enjoy!!!
Please, please, please leave me some comment love so that I know people are actually still reading my blog. It doesn't even have to be anything of substance if you don't want it to be. I will take anything!!!

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