Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sick of Them Saturday!!

Wow I really have not been getting annoyed by people lately. I think I need to start watching the entertainment news shows so I can see who is getting too much publicity. That may defeat the purpose of this segment if I actually seek out things to annoy me though so I better not do that. Well like I said, not many people or events annoying me this week, but here are the two that are:

1. JetBlue Flight Attendant
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So here's the story for those who haven't heard it (if there are any). Apparently before the plane took off the attendant went to help people get their bags in the overhead compartment. According to his attorney, while trying to help, the attendant got hit in the head by either a bag or the door of the bin. Actually, it was stated by his attorney that a woman slammed the overhead bin on his head and then said to him "F*ck you". After the flight landed, the same woman stood up to get her bag while the plane was taxiing on the runway, before she was told by the pilot that it was safe to get out of her seat. The attendant announced twice over the intercom for passengers to remain in their seat and informed them that the plane could not move while passengers were standing. The woman then cursed at the attendant again and according to another passenger on the plane the attendant then came over the intercom and said "To the passenger who just called me a motherf-----: f--- you. I've been in this business 20 years, and I've had it." Well by now the attendant had apparently had enough and got into an argument with another crew member. He then took his own bag, threw it out the door, grabbed some beer, deployed the emergency slide and slid out of the plane. Well apparently the attendant now wants his job back, but intentionally deploying the emergency slide is unacceptable...go figure!

2. Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber Pictures, Images and Photos

Poor Justin Bieber. He actually did nothing personally to deserve the honor of gracing this list two weeks in a row. It was just everyone else in the country. It's like they get paid to say his name or something. It will be completely irrelevant and they bring him up for some reason. Case in point: I turned on the Teen Choice Awards for all of about 30 seconds while a commercial was on during Bachelor Pad. They were giving out the award for favorite male actor in an adventure/ action movie. Somehow Bieber's name was mentioned two times during this award. SERIOUSLY?!?! How does his name even come up in this category??!?! So here is my plea to the media/ award presenters/ award winners/ tv show hosts/ anyone who doesn't actually know who Justin Bieber is, PLEASE STOP USING HIS NAME AS IF IT IS A NEW WORD!!!!! It's NOT!!!!!

Well my lovely readers, who or what are you sick of hearing about this week???


  1. I'm sick of the lab tech who had to try 9 spots on my arms to find four veins for my 3 hr glucose test... I look like a bruised and battered woman... but it was worth it to not have GD this pregnancy, so I'm forgiving her and praying that I don't have that lab tech for future blood work...

  2. I couldn't agree more! I've heard the JetBlue story more times than I cared to this past week. And we both have been sick of Bieber for a few weeks now. It was bad for me this week too, because one of my dearest friend's wife (who is 21) went to a JB concert - and she's completely infatuated with him. First, GROSS. Second, isn't that illegal? So, she talked about him every five minutes on FB this week. Aahhhhh.

    I've also heard about the crazy McDonald's chick too many times. We get it, she's crazy. Joke's over, move on...

  3. I am now following you from one of those lists ;) LOL Please check me out too :)
    and yes I too am sick of hearing about Justin and Jet Blue and also The Nugget lady

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  5. Justin Bieber. Eek. I just want to know who originally told him that hairstyle was cool.


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