Thursday, May 19, 2011

Idol Live with Nicole!! Top 3- Results!

Okay so I honestly have no clue who is going home tonight. This season has been too unpredictable for me. I am 95% sure Scotty will be in the finale, but not sure if Lauren or Haley will be joining him. For the sake of guessing, I will say Haley will be eliminated. Obviously I could be completely wrong though. Performing on tonight's show: II Volo (who??), Nicole Scherzinger and 50 Cent. Yes 50 Cent is supposed to be on American Idol tonight. I think his street cred has taken a hit. Here we go!!

  • Jimmy says he has a very clear prediction of the finale: There'll be a guy in it. I am thinking like you Jimmy!! Let me say I really like Jimmy. He isn't afraid to play favorites or tell the contestants when they weren't good. Unlike Steven and Jennifer think, not every performance is "beautiful" and Jimmy lets them know that.
  • Over 95 million votes cast last night. The highest number for a non finale show. Also 15 million more than last season's finale. Probably because last season was so lackluster
  • Scotty, Lauren, Haley, and James all got to meet JJ Abrams and attend a special screening of scenes from the upcoming movie "Super 8". JJ then gives them all Super 8 cameras to film their homecomings with. The top 4 then mock Randy b saying "JJ is in it to win it".
  • Elle Fanning (star of the movie Super 8 and also Dakota's sister) is in the audience. She says she loves everyone, but her 6 year old cousin's favorite from the very beginning of the auditions has been Scotty. We also get to see the voted off contestants sitting in the audience while Ryan is talking with her. I see my boy Stefano!!! I also can spot Casey, Paul and Thia. I am assuming they are all there though.
  • Haley's hometown visit (Chicago) is shown first. She gets to ride around in a limo with a huge American Idol emblem on it. Seriously, how funny would it be to get one of those and stick it to your car so people thought you were an Idol contestant also!! Poor Haley has rain on her parade...literally. She goes to Wheeling City Hall which is kinda cool because I have actually been to Wheeling, IL before. Of course May 14, 2011 becomes Haley Reinhart day in Wheeling. WOW there security guard she got from Idol is HUGE!! She then gets to reunite with her family before her parade to Wheeling High School. After speaking at the high school she heads off to the racetrack to perform her mini concert. The giant security guard, who looks even bigger next to Ryan, is on stage with Haley after the clip pretending to cry. Seriously, no one better mess with anyone this guy is guarding!
  • Ford Music Video this week is "Smile" by Uncle Kracker. LOVE this song. Puts me in a good mood every time I hear it!! Every week these music videos make me want the Ford Focus more!!
  • Il Volo perform after the break. They sing in Italian and I don't understand it at all. They're pretty good, but not nearly as nice to look at as Il Divo. That was pretty pointless to me. No offense, but did we run out of English speaking performers to sing on this show?? Where the heck is Kris Allen?!?!?!
  • Scotty's hometown visit is next to North Carolina. Up first is a stop at the local radio station. He gets a guy to guard him that's about the same size as him. Nowhere near the level of scariness of Haley's. I love the police escort he has that smiles the entire time too. Scotty has a gorgeous house!! Headed to his high school next. He seems to be an all around athlete so I am sure he was pretty popular before, but I bet everyone in the school wants to be his friend now! Awww he is crying after leaving his high school. My favorite part of the hometown visits is seeing the contestants cry. Seriously. After high school he is off to the grocery store that he used to work at. Can you imagine not knowing that was going to happen and just be trying to get yourself a gallon of milk. After the grocery store is the parade and from the looks of it, all of North Carolina is there. More crying! Josh Turner shows up during Scotty's concert to surprise him on stage while he is singing "Your Man" aka "Baby Lock Them Doors". Josh Turner is HOT!!!! Scotty's reaction is priceless. They sing the song together after that and its pretty great. More crying!!! Okay Scotty's hometown visit is my fave so far this season.
  • Nicole Scherzinger and 50 Cent perform "Right There". She is a little scantily dressed, but compared to Lady Gaga last week she is fully clothed. I've got to say, I am not liking tonight's musical performances too much. Although I am completely shocked to see 50 Cent on American Idol...for the entire 30 seconds that he was actually on.
  • I just realized the judges aren't getting any screen time tonight. Bet they aren't liking that too much.
  • Lauren's hometown (Georgia) is next. She also stops at the local radio station first. She then heads to the local AT&T store followed by a visit to her high school. She also gets her own day in her city. Afterwards she heads to one of the spots that the tornadoes hit and it is really sad. She is crying too, but not happy tears like Scotty so I'm not a fan :(. She then meets a cute little 11 year old boy named Tyler who saved his family from the wreckage. He rescued his baby brother from underneath bricks!! Happy times after that, Lauren's parade. Of course her day also ends with her concert. I'm sorry, she ends her day by throwing out the first pitch at a hometown baseball game.
  • Results time!!!!! The first person into the finale is SCOTTY!!!! Jimmy was was I :). The next person in the finale is LAUREN!!!! Well looks like a country singer will win this season eh. Haley is ELIMINATED!! Following her goodbye video, she sings "Bennie and the Jets". I was hoping she would've sang "Rolling in the Deep", but this is fun too. This is the most seductive version I have heard of this song. During her performance, she goes into the audience and we get to see a majority of the Top 12 and I honestly had to think for a few seconds about who some of them were. Big hug from Scotty and group hug with Scotty, Lauren and Haley after the performance. Scotty seems to get along well with everyone. I'm sure he is such a sweet southern guy!!! I honestly believe he was genuine when he said he felt bad about what happened with Jacie back in the Hollywood Rounds.
  • Apparently next week's finale is moved to TUESDAY nights for performance and WEDNESDAY night for the results show. Don't forget everyone!!!!
Well Scotty's hometown visit was my favorite and I have to say the music performances were my least favorite this season, but the show seemed to move along quickly. I am betting that Scotty is crowned the American Idol next week. He has never been in the bottom and he seems to have a majority of the teen and tween girl vote which I am betting account for at least 50% of the votes. We will see though!!!


  1. i am so glad scotty is in there in the final. . . I hope he wins the whole thing ya know!!!

  2. I'm glad Haley didn't make it to the finale!!! It's gonna be awesome having an all country finale!! My fiance isn't too thrilled about that though, he doesn't like country music, lol.


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