Thursday, May 5, 2011

Idol Live with Nicole! Top 5- Results!!

Okay well this post is going to be much shorter than previous ones. I will just be hitting the highlights of tonight's show, no long play by play of every performance. I don't know how many people are still actually reading these recaps, so it's really too much work to type out a detailed report when only a few people actually read it. If you are one of my loyal readers, like Nicole :), than THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

  • Top 5 perform "Happy Together". I'm really glad they got rid of the lip syncing. They are much better when they actually sing.
  • Ford Music Video to "Be Yourself". Features the Ford Focus that parallel parks itself for you. Totally want that!!
  • The Top 5 visit Hell's Kitchen and cook for Gordon Ramsey. The Idols have 10 minutes to make an omelet. This is actually pretty amusing because most of  the omelets look horrible and he actually tells them that. Lauren's actually looks pretty good though and she gets good remarks from Gordon..very impressive!! Jacob then yells "this contest is rigged" which he will probably be saying if when he gets voted off tonight. Lauren wins best omelet and Jacob gets the award of second best. He then jumps up and down and is giddy like a school girl as if he actually just won anything for real. Apparently the contest isn't over as we get a "to be continued...". Gordon should be a judge, he would at least be honest probably. Not tell them they are one of the greatest singers to grace the stage when they just did one of the worst performances ever.  
  • Lady Antebellum performs their new song "Just a Kiss". I really like them. They do a nice job. The lead male singer is pretty darn good looking too. Scotty and Lauren look like they are really enjoying it while the rest of the contestants look like they don't really care. They do get a standing ovation from the judges and contestants though.
  • The contestants let us know about the song choice process for each of them. They then tell us how they choose what they will wear. This is pretty funny because they all make fun of the plaid jacket Jacob wore last week.
  • Results time!!! Ryan tells us we MIGHT be surprised. I better not be surprised Ryan!! Like last week, we once again get to hear Jimmy's opinion of each performance. This is actually nice since he actually will give criticism if it is necessary. Jimmy rated James an 8/10 last night. James is sent to the far side of the stage to start the first group. Jimmy thinks Lauren will be in the bottom 2 because she held back on the highest part of "Unchained Melody" last night, due to fear. Lauren is told to stand on the opposite side of the stage as James. She could actually be bottom 2.
  • The continuation of Hell's Kitchen is on now. Jacob and Lauren have to go head to head in a blind taste test to see who can get the most foods right. Jacob says "It's me and Lauren in the top 2". I bet that is his hope for the actual show and not this little cooking competition. Lauren wins because Jacob doesn't get "hot dog" right. He thinks it is sausage or pepperoni. After finding out it was hot dog, Jacob says "Hot dog is a type of sausage". I will not make a comment there...Gordon tells them they all have great futures in the restaurant customers.
  • Jennifer Lopez performs "On the Floor" with Pitbull. Kudos to Jennifer for actually singing and not lip-syncing like Paula Abdul did. Lots of dancing too. Nice job by Jennifer. I actually enjoyed that :). After commercial we also get a teaser of Jennifer's new music video for "I'm Into You", which features a very buff, good looking guy!
  • More results!!! Jacob is up next and he better be in which ever group is the bottom. OMG the recaps are a reminder of how horrible he was last night. Jimmy said he had a rough night (ya think!). Jimmy thinks he was a 6/10 last night. Jacob joins Lauren. Basically wherever Scotty goes is the top I'm sure. Which is why Haley is next. He gives Haley a 10 for last night. I give her a 9. Haley joins James. Scotty is next. Jimmy says he will have an extraordinary career whether he wins this show or not. Scotty is SAFE!!! Ryan lets us know he was NOT in the bottom 2 last week (told ya!). He is forced to pick the group he thinks is also safe. This happens every season. Of course he says he can't do it so Ryan pushes him to James and Haley. Scotty lets us know this since he says to Haley "no he pushed me". James, Haley, and Scotty are all SAFE!!! Jacob and Lauren are BOTTOM 2!! Poor Lauren is crying. Ryan tells us "Please, don't move".
  • FINAL RESULTS!!! Lauren is still crying. THE PERSON GOING HOME IS..........JACOB!!!! YAY!!!!! So happy about this!! Jacob says "I think America has fallen in love with me". Well this American hasn't. Can't speak for the rest of the country though. Jacob sings "A House is Not a Home" as his sing out song. I'm guessing to remind us that he is the next Luther Vandros. His sing out performance was actually pretty good....until the ending, which was just over the top.
Okay so I am happy by tonight's results (obviously). A little surprised by Lauren being in the bottom 2, but the only thing that would really surprise me now is if someone other than Scotty and James ended up in the finale.


  1. Aww, your welcome! Thanks for the shout out!! I look forward to your Idol posts every week!!
    I agree!!! I want a car that parallel parks itself!!!
    The Hell's Kitchen part was hilarious!!
    I'm with you on not falling in love with Jacob, I don't like him that much!
    And I definitely wasn't surprised by the results either!!!

  2. I am so happy Jacob went, I wish he had been cut the first week!

  3. Poor Jacob... thanks for the play by play. I missed the episode.

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