Sunday, July 10, 2011

Blue Sky Scrubs- Review

As a woman that works in the medical field, I am in constant need of nice, comfortable, affordable scrubs. I found just the thing at At my job I have to wear Navy blue scrubs which they have among various other colors. I absolutely love the stitiching on the pockets and the fact that the tops actually look flattering on your body and are not "boxy" like some other scrub tops.

Navy Blue Original Scrub Tops

Navy Blue Original Scrub Bottoms

They also have tops and bottoms which are a little cheaper, but just as cute. They just don't feature the same stitching pattern as the ones above.

Ceil Blue Simple Scrub Tops

 Ceil Blue Simple Scrub Bottoms

So, if you are like me and have to wear scubs for your job, I suggest you check Blue Sky Scrubs out now. They have uniforms for nurses, therapists, nursing assistants, doctors, etc. for both women and men at great prices!

*I was contacted to do this review. The opinions above are mine alone*


  1. I like the design stitches on that scrubs but i don't normally wear scrubs with pockets. Normally i like scrubs that are simple made with no pockets. I am looking for something like that are simple made preferably a blue scrubs with no pockets.

  2. I have read great reviews about blue sky scrubs and I would like to order green color womens scrub tops for myself. Can you share if I can order scrubs in wholesale from online? I would prefer well fitted scrubs for me.


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