Sunday, September 4, 2011

Bargain Shopping!!!!

There's nothing I like more than getting great products for amazing prices. That is why I always check the clearance sections of EVERY store I go to in pretty much every section. That would be how I was able to get these great toys for my nephew at 50% off or more, which will be used for some of his Christmas gifts.

Retail Price: $39.99
Paid: $9.99
This toy is actually for ages 3+ and my nephew won't even be two by Christmas, but this was too good of a deal to pass up. I will just save it until next Christmas :)

Retail Price: $22.99
Paid: $10.99
This one is ages 18 months and up so he actually will be receiving this one for Christmas this year :)

Retail Price: $19.99
Paid: $9.99
My nephew absolutely LOVES Sesame Street and he was with me when I bought this. He played with it for a long time and then threw it in the back of the cart. He will actually hand you back the toys that he doesn't want so if he throws it in the cart that's a good sign :).

I was also able to get some AMAZING deals on books at Borders since they are closing. Let me tell you, I am pretty sad that they are going out of business, but that doesn't stop me from snagging up the good deals while I can.

Got both of these books for only $3.59 each!
The Cars book actually has 4 jigsaw puzzles inside, plus the sliding puzzle on front.
The recipes in the cook book look absolutely delicious too!

Each of these books cost me only $2.99 each.
The Baby Animals book is a really nice board book too so my nephew won't be able to tear the pages.

This book was 60% off so it only cost me $2.78
I just love all of the Charlie Brown holiday specials when they come on TV so I just had to buy the books for Caden and his new baby brother. This book has stickers inside it too :)

This book was also 60% off so I only paid $3.18 for it.
 Unlike the Thanksgiving one though, this one is actually a board book so I don't have to worry about him tearing the pages.

These two cost me $2.39 each
They are both lift a flap books too.

These books were all only $1.49 each.
I actually ended up getting two of these for free, but didn't realize it until I got home and looked at the receipt. Seven of these are board book also, the only two that aren't are the two Christmas ones in the top row. Let me just say that I read the "Room for A Little One" book that is pictured in the second row and it is such a cute story. The Sponge Bob Christmas tree one is also a lift the flap book.

This book only cost me $1.19.
Not a board book, but my nephew also loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse so for $1.19, it doesn't really matter if the pages get torn.

All of these book only cost me 50 cents each!!
All of these are also board book, except for the Handy Manny one. The dinosaur ones are just too cute with the little "googly" eyes!

Total cost for all 27 books- $42.74!!!!!

Not too shabby at all huh?? Since Caden already has a bookshelf full of books at his house, all of these have found themselves a home in Caden's "room" at Aunt Nicole's house :)

I also went back to Borders last weekend and was able to get some more great deals on books for myself. Right now everything is 60-80% off and they close in the next week or two. I will definitely try to make it there again to see what kind of deals I can scrounge up!! I was able to get myself a $20 calender for next year for only $4 and some change though :)


  1. Good deals!
    I LOVE Kid toys haha!

  2. yes!! i def hit up the clearance isles all year long to get gifts for my nieces and nephews! it helps me save so much when it comes time for xmas!!

  3. i love the show the doctors! I try to watch it every now and then when Im not working or have the day off. . . it's definately really interesting- and the doc on there was a contestant on the bachelor FYI! :)
    good deals on all those books!!!


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