Friday, September 30, 2011

Blockbuster Total Access???

If you remember a year or so ago, I posted a blog about the Netlix for Wii. It was a positive review too. I absolutely loved it. I had only signed up for Netflix about a month before posting that and was pleasantly surprised when they sent me a disc to put in my Wii that would allow me to access movies and TV shows whenever I wanted. Now of course when I had joined Netflix, I was only planning on receiving the DVDs in the mail, the instant streaming through my Wii was just a lovely, free added bonus. However, this past summer when they announced that they were going to charge 40% more for access to both mail and streaming I was highly annoyed, as were thousands of other subscribers. I worked through my annoyance though and just canceled the streaming service and stayed subscribed to the mail service. Recently though, Netflix decided to make more major changes. They decided to SPLIT the DVD and streaming services completely. Now in order to add movies to your streaming queue you would log onto the Netflix site like you always did, but to get them in the mail you were going to have to go to an entirely different site. They decided to name the mail order company "Quixster". This is what finally sent me to jump on the bus of people canceling their accounts with Netflix. So I have erased my queue and as soon as I watch "The Social Network" I will be sending it back and ending my membership with them. I'm kinda sad about this too. I loved being able to just pay one fee and get as many movies in a month that I wanted and open my mailbox to see my lovely red envelope. Too many changes in too short of a time though Mr. CEO of Netflix!

So, now to the title of my post. Recently I saw a commercial for Blockbuster Total Access which apparently is very similar to the way Netflix used to be. The commercial advertised that you can rent as many movies AND GAMES a month for under $10. Of course they have different subscription packages so obviously not all of them are under $10. However, this sounds like a great alternative for me. Actually it sounds even better because I will be able to rent games for my Wii and test them out before spending $30-50 on them just to find out they aren't as fun as I thought. I will be most definitely signing up soon and will let you all know how good or bad this service actually is!

Does anyone currently have Blockbuster Total Access now? If so, are you happy with it?

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