Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Traffic Generating Search Words

Have any of you fellow bloggers ever checked the stats of your blog to see what keywords are generating traffic?? If you haven't you should, it is both interesting and entertaining. I just checked mine for the week and 3 of the top searches are "Justin Verlander shirtless", "Rick Porcello Shirtless", and " Josh Harris shirtless". I should let you know in advance I don't have any pics of these guys without shirts. Sorry for your disappointment. I do have pics of them clothed, but no ab shots here. However, for you people looking for shots of Dane Cook, Justin Timberlake and Ryan Reynolds shirtless, you are in luck. You may find those pics by clicking HERE!!!!. For some added fun, I will add some more pics of gorgeous shirtless guys now.

William Levy

Adam Levine

Chris Powell

Firefighters (not sure where these guys work, or if they are even fireman, but they sure look good!)
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