Thursday, February 10, 2011

Idol Live with Nicole! Hollywood Week Pt.1

YAY!!! Finally time for Hollywood. No more auditions! Sorry for the lack of recap on yesterday's show. I got home late and missed the first 20 mins of the show so I didn't think it was worth it. There were a few great singers so hopefully they will do great in Hollywood too!

The first round for Hollywood is apparently sudden death. Go big or go home I guess. Starting off the round is Brett (the kid I said looked like a mix between Blake Lewis and Shaun White (or Carrot top, can't remember)). After letting us all know he is extremely nervous, he sings "Let it Be". Not too bad, but I have heard it better fro previous contestants i.e. Brooke White and Kris Allen. He is the only one we actually get to hear in this group. He makes it to the next round, along with 4 or so other people who we didn't hear anything about. Rachel, Thia, and Casey all sing next. They also all move onto the next round.

Victoria, the uber happy young girl with the strange speaking voice, is up next. Don't really know what she is singing, but she doesn't appear nervous at all. She however, does not make it through and is headed home. She's still smiling though!

James, the guy with Asperger's, and Paris, the young mother with the special needs daughter are up next. Paris sings "My Heart Will Go On" and sounds pretty great. Almost as good as the original! James sings something I don't know and does pretty well. He reminds me of Adam Lambert when he sings though :/. Also in this round are Lauren, who sang "I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing" and Stormi "Miss Teen USA". Stormi sings "Stay". She sounds louder than she did in the audition, but still a little shaky. Lauren sings "Unchained Melody" and does pretty well. James, Lauren, and Paris all make it through. Stormi is sent home. Chris,the guy with the disabled fiance (aka sob story of the season), is next. He picks "You and I Both" and sounds good until he messes up. He still makes it through to the next round though.

Hollie, the girl who cried because she was so nervous during her audition, Jacee (the chubby young kid who kinda sounded like Justin Bieber when he sang), and Robbie, who has been picturing himself on stage since he was seven are next. Jacee sings "Bless The Broken Road" and does good. Robbie also does good with whatever he sings and Hollie belts out whatever it is she sings. Apparently nerves didn't get the best of the kiddies since they all move on to the next round. Steve, the accountant, is next. He sings "Just Haven't Met You Yet". Sounds decent to me, but the judges disagree and send him home. We are then treated to many other contestants who don't make it through.

After the Ford commercial within the show, Ryan talks to various contestants who talk about their nerves. We then get to see lots of contestants messing up very badly. Rob and Chelsee, the broken up couple, who were featured in the earlier audition shows are next. They haven't got back together, but they are each bunking with the same sex member of the other couple that are still together (if that made sense?). Rob sings first and he has an interesting tone to his voice at certain parts. Chelsee also does pretty good ad they both move on to round two. The couple that are still together, Nick and Jacqueline, are next. Nick goes first, and I'm not too big of a fan at all. Jackie does much better though. Nick ends up going home while Jackie makes it. That kinda sucks for them, but she deserved to move forward. Nick begs to sing more, but the judges remind him of the rules about "ONE SHOT". Kind of feel bad for him. That is until he starts singing as he is walking out of the auditorium scream singing. He then asks Ryan if he is just washed out emotionally since he has been there for 10 years. I guess he thought Ryan should be heartbroken too.

Scotty, the young guy with the deep country voice, is next. He decides to sing the same song he auditioned with. He does it well, but I don't know if I like that he picked it again. Apparently, other contestants had the same idea though. Jackie and Jerome also decide o give encore performances. Worked out well for all three of them since they all move on.

Tiffany, the girl with the stars on her bra, is up first. She then says, and I quote, "I'm gonna be honest. I'm tired of seeing people TRY to do what I know I CAN". Seriously biatch, you better knock it outta the park now! She then gives the most DRAMATIC over the top performance ever. Its not bad, but I hope she gets booted since she is way too obnoxious. Travis, the kid who lived in shelters for a couple years, is next. He sings "This Love" and it's not bad, but not great either. Based on personality he needs to move on over Tiffany though. Unfortunately, cute and sweet Travis is sent home, while Tiffany moves on. I am almost positive she will piss off whoever the poor souls are that are stuck in a group with her though. Hopefully she won't last long! In a total of about 30 seconds we see more contestants that advanced to the next round, including the white house intern and one of my favs Stefano, the car accident victim :).

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