Monday, February 14, 2011

My 5 Monday! Favorite Superbowl Commercials!

It's the return of "My 5 Monday"! For this week at least :). So every year during the Superbowl, everyone looks forward to the commercials. Now I myself pretty much only pay attention to commercials during the Superbowl. Most other times I will channel surf just so I don't have to watch them. Every year there are some great commercials during the game, and this year didn't disappoint. Even though I like multiple ones, I will play by the rules (that I basically made up) and narrow it down to 5!

1. Chrysler
So I love me some Eminem and I am from Michigan so I love anything that features Michigan in a positive light. Therefore when I saw this commercial it instantly became my favorite of the night. Completely, 100% true too!

2. Best Buy
Let me just say Ozzy Osbourne cracks me up. I used to watch his show on MTV and it would always make me laugh. When I saw this commercial I actually laughed out loud and it became my favorite of the night...until the Chrysler one and then it became a close second. My favorite part: "What's a Bieber?!" The above video is actually an extended version and therefore funnier than the one I saw originally!

3. Teleflora
Well this commercial just made me laugh. Seriously!

So Doritos had multiple commericals throughout the Superbowl. The dog one was cute, the finger licking guy one was creepy, but this one was just funny. I had multiple goldfish die when I was younger and if I knew that sprinkling Doritos into the bowl would bring them back to life I would've done it :)

5. NFL Fans
Okay this commerical I just loved. How they were able to get all these old and new TV show clips and edit them so they are all wearing football clothing with football items in the background  just amazes me. LOVED IT!!

So somehow I was able to narrow it down to just 5 great commericals even though there were many more including the Bridgestone, Darth Vader child, and the truck that was supposed to be Lassie just to name a few.

I also loved the intro:

and of course you have to have this:

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