Monday, January 9, 2012

My 5 Monday!!! Favorite American Idol Performances

It's the return of "My 5 Monday"!!!! Yay!!!! I am doing pretty well with my "blog more" resolution if I do say so myself! So I had a hard time coming up with a topic for this weeks "My 5", so I decided with American Idol getting ready to start soon, I would do MY 5 Favorite American Idol performances. Now I am going to be honest and say I wasn't too excited with anyone these past couple of seasons so none of my picks are from the last couple years. While recalling all my favorite contestants, I found it was very hard to narrow it down to just 5. A lot of my faves were good every week, but I just picked one from each of them. Oh and I tried not to pick the most common ones that all the critics rave about either. So here we go, MY 5 Favorite AI Performances:

1. Kris Allen- To Make You Feel My Love
When Kris Allen was first seen by America, he was basically an unknown. We saw about 1.5 secs of him in his audition and then a couple mins of him in Hollywood week.  When he first performed for votes with "Man in the Mirror", I LOVED it and thought he was absolutely adorable, but didn't have much hope of him getting through since they were only advancing three people from that night. Well obviously everyone else loved him too, and as we all know he went on to win the entire season. Now many people will say their fave performances from him were "Heartless" or "Ain't No Sunshine". I loved these ones too, but my most favorite by Kris was "To Make You Feel My Love". LOVED IT!!!! I tried to insert the actual performance video, but the embedding was disabled, so I had to go with the studio version. If you forgot, how great the actual performance was, I recommend you YouTube it now :). Oh and Kris has to be the most adorable contestant in the show's history.

2. Chris Daughtry- What a Wonderful World
Well we all know Chris should've won his season, but clearly losing didn't hurt him at all. Of course I loved all of Chris' performances, but I think my faves were when he left his comfort zone. "What a Wonderful World" really showed a different side to him, and I thought it was great! In a close second, was his peformance of "Suspicious Minds".

3. Elliot Yamin- If I Can Dream
Well after Chris got voted off, Elliot was the only hope for saving Season 5, but of course he got voted off right after Chris and Taylor Hicks won (WTF?!). Elliot definetly had my votes, but clearly Taylor seemed to have the vote support. I basically loved everything this guy did, but I guess this would have to be my favorite from him. Too many good ones of his to choose from though!

4. David Archuleta- And So It Goes
Little David had a lot of memorable performances on the show, "Imagine" was probably the most talked about, which is why I didn't pick it. I loved his verson of "Angels" too, but I actually loved when he did this song, especially the acapella part at the beginning. I had forgotten that Paula had picked this song for him until watching the clip, so kudos to her for once.

5. Jason Castro- Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Well I just LOVED his performance of this song. I got it on my ipod and I still listen to it pretty frequently. Oh and I also found a version similar to this one by Kris Allen so I loved that one too. Great version of this song, perfection by Jason!!! Also loved "Hallelujah" when he did it. Nice, smooth voice he has!

Honorable Mentions

Lakisha Jones- "And I'm Telling You"
Can't forget the hometown girl LaKisha!! I remember when I first saw this performance, they showed her interview before and I saw she was from Flint, MI. After I saw that, all I was thinking was "please don't suck"!! Well clearly she didn't, she just blew everyone away with this performance. Great way to start off!! Also loved her version of Bon Jovi's "This Ain't A Love Song". (Youtube that too!!)

Matt Giraud- Who's Loving You
I'd have to say, I am glad that Matt didn't make it through initally and got brought back for the Wild Card show. Not only did he open up a spot for my guy Kris Allen to get through, but he also got to do this performance. Absolutely love it!!! Oh and he is also from Michigan so that makes it even better!!

So there you have it! My favorite performances from Idol history. Like I said, the last few seasons haven't really blown me away, so hopefully this season has some people that make my all time fave list!

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  1. totally have to agree with these performances but I did like the imagine version better than the one you picked for david archuletta! and yes, I LOVE LOVE me some Kris Allen :) YAY!


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