Friday, January 6, 2012

Week One of 2012 and I am Sticking to My Resolutions :)

So I know it is only week 1 of the new year, but so far I have met one of my monthly goals of donating to a charity by renewing my membership in the World Wildlife Fund. I made my donation for the month of January today for $17. Its not a lot, but it will sure help with something I bet! Oh and look at the cute bags they are sending me as a thank you:

Set of Four Totes

How cute are those!!!

The shopping thing is a little bit harder. I did buy some throw pillows for the couch today at Target, but I got 2 for $12.99 so that's a pretty good deal right? Oh and had my new obsession, The Big Bang Theory, on sale for only $14, so I had to buy seasons 1-3 of that. I am calling it good for now though! No more buying anything for me except groceries until next paycheck. We will see how well that works out :).

The blogging more goal is going strong since this is, I believe, my fourth post of the new year.

I also plan on using coupons at the grocery store and buying the ingredients to try out a new recipe for this week, so we will count those as good too :).

Finally, my last resolution was to get more organized and with nothing on the agenda for tomorrow, I plan on getting some cleaning and organization done then.

One week down, only 51 more to go!!


  1. Those are all good resolutions. And, yes, I think the pillow deal was really good! I'm stopping by from the BBL hop and follow you on GFC.

  2. Dude, big bang!! When am Taylor and I coming over for a marathon!!!! :) seriously :) jealous!!!

  3. As soon as I get them!!! I really just want to watch the gag reels, should be hilarious!


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