Monday, January 2, 2012

Welcome 2012!!! Time for some new goals!!

As I posted yesterday, I made a lot of goals last year and if you read my post, you know many of them didn't quite pan out. So of course since I was so successful last year, I figured I would make another list of goals for this year! So here they are, things I want to accomplish in 2012 (oh and I will spare you the traditional lose weight, eat better, etc. type :) ):

1. BLOG MORE!!!!
I have fallen so far behind with my blogging its ridiculous. Although it is only January 2 and I am two for two for the year so far, so that's an improvement right? I plan on posting reviews on various items including products, books, movies, and TV shows. Although I've decided that I think I will take this season off from "Idol Live with Nicole". Its just too time consuming and I seem to be losing interest in the show. I will be posting various ramblings, recipes, and other sorts of randomness so stay tuned and please, please leave me some comments so I know that I still have readers!!! I LOVE when you all leave me comments!!! I also plan on getting back into keeping up with the blogs I follow also. Love those giveaways you all have!!

2.  Become More Organized!
OK so I know this is one of those traditional ones that many people make, but I really need to do it! Last summer I moved from a one bedroom to a two bedroom apartment, so I have more storage space now so this is a goal that I should be able to meet. In the next few months I plan on going through all my clothes and donating a ton of them. I have way too many and if I haven't worn it in over a year, chances are I won't miss it right?

3. Shop Less!!!!
I absolutely LOVE shopping. There are of course things I buy that I actually need, but I also buy things just because I want them. Now I know we all do this, but I need to cut back on the "want" things. I've decided that I am going to make a "wish list" of the things that I want to buy and then buy one or two items, depending on cost, with each paycheck. This way I won't splurge, but will still get the things I want. This Christmas I don't think I used credit cards at all so I have been basically broke the last few weeks so I haven't done a lot of personal shopping. This being said, my goal should be easy to meet! Oh and I will not be buying any "want" items unless they are on sale!!

4. Try Out A New Recipe Every Two Weeks
I would say I would try a new recipe every week, but that won't happen with me. So every two weeks is more realistic. I live alone so cooking for one seems like a waste of time sometimes, but leftovers always make good, cheap lunch options! I have tons of cookbooks too so I might as well use them right? I will post some of the ones that turn out good for you all to try out also :)

5. Start Couponing Again
I went through a phase where I was couponing pretty regularly, but then stopped for some reason. So starting with this weeks grocery trip, I will be back to using coupons. I absolutely love it when I can get my toiletries and some of my food items for free to close to it. I did hear that Kroger will be done with their doubling up to a $1 though sometime soon, so that bums me out :(. Saving some money is better than none though!

6. Donate to Charity Monthly
This was one of my goals from last year and like I mentioned I did somewhat well with it, but then got behind the second part of the year. I am ready to get back to it starting with this weeks check though! I have received so many free gifts from various charities lately so I guess its time I pay them back :).

So there are a few goals I have for this year. They all seem reasonable so there really is no reason why I can't make them happen!!

What are some of your goals for this year?? Please share below, I would love to hear them!!!


  1. I'm right there with you on a lot of more, shop less, and get back to couponing! I love for help there. I'm your newest follower from Tiggerific Tuesday! Blog Hop...or Bounce. Hope to see you back at

  2. Glad to find your blog & I am your new follower from Tiggerific Tuesday blog hop.. Hope you will follow me back….

  3. Seriously, well, I am going to try a new recipe once a month because well I know I Will fail if i do it every two weeks. Oh, and the whole charity thing. I think you should donate to a charity once every other month. that's too much donating for me lol :) otherwise, good list!


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