Saturday, July 10, 2010

Coupon crazy!!!

I remember when I first moved into my own apartment 4 years ago. The first thing that I wanted to do was go GROCERY SHOPPING!!! I was so excited to just go to the store, fill my cart up with anything and everything that I wanted and come home and put it into my new empty cupboards, fridge, and freezer. I moved on a Friday afternoon when it was about 9o degrees out. I got to the apartment office, dropped off my deposit and got my keys. Get to my apartment, stick the key in the lock and IT DOESN'T WORK!! So now I have to call the maintanence guy since the office is now closed and wait an hour to even be able to open my door. Finally get everything moved in at about 10 p.m. Now the moment I've been waiting for. Time to hit the grocery store! I get to the store, fill my cart with everything I need and want and head for the checkout line. The cashier rings all my items, bags them and sticks them in my cart...then tells me the total. Almost $100!!!! Seriously?!?! I just spent $100 on food for one person that will only last a couple weeks! Needless to say, the desire to grocery shop ended there!

Being the frugal person that I am, I decided from now on everytime I go shopping I was going to be using coupons! These days I am clearly not the only one. I go to the store and see all these people with these big baseball card albums full of neatly, organized coupons. My bestie Becca has all of hers organized into every category imaginable in a nice photo box. I on the other hand cut all mine out and just stick them into an envelope. I am not organized AT ALL. One day that will change! I may not be the most organized coupon user, but I do search for any and every useful coupon I can find. Every Sunday I open the paper up and start clipping away. I also hit the internet for great deals. Some of my favorite coupon sites are,, and I will also search for coupons for certain items like cat food, toilet paper, or laundry soap. I am determined not to pay full price for anything! I am pretty sure that in my independent living life I have paid full price for maybe 10% of everything that I have bought. Otherwise if its not on sale or has a coupon for it, its not getting bought at that moment!

Well now that I have blogged about my coupon habits, its time for me to get to clipping and hitting the grocery store. My favorite part now isn't filling the cart and it certainly isn't putting all of that food away. My favorite part now is looking at the bottom of my receipt to see how much I have saved :). So fellow coupon users, what are your favorite sources for coupons? Do share please!!!

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  1. Im loving the side picture! and thanks for the overly organized shoutout of my coupon box!


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