Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Deadliest Catch...My New Obsession!

As I stated in my "about me" section, I am addicted to reality TV. Of course I still love my sitcoms and dramas, but for some reason watching "real" people live their lives entertains me. I love the competition ones such as American Idol and Dancing with the Stars, but I find the ones that hook me in are the ones that just follow a certain group of people around. Of course with some reality shows you can tell they are "scripted" i.e. The Hills, but others are 100% real. Obviously the editors of these shows can basically make a person look like a sweetheart or look like the total villian and they do a good job doing that. I remember watching a "Real World" reunion special and one of the people were asked if they thought they were represented correctly on TV and they replied that everything that was shown on the show obviously actually happened. However, the producers and editors can of course make it seem like it happened in a totally different way, but none the less, it happened. I would have to say though that one of the most real reality shows would have to be "Deadliest Catch".

I remember one day my co-worker was talking about watching "Deadliest Catch" with her hubby the night before. I had never heard of this show so I asked what it was and she said it was about crab fishing and it was on the Discovery Channel. She said it was soo good. Well right off the bat I thought that had to be the most boring show ever. Seriously, she was entertained by watching a bunch of guys fishing for crab?? Well turns out she was right. This show is so addictive and hooks you in within a couple episodes. The first time I ever watched this show was when it came on at 3 am on a Saturday on Fox. I figured that of course this show would help my insomnia and cause me to fall asleep, but I was completely wrong. Next thing I know its 4 am and I'm really wanting to know what happens next, but of course I have to wait until the following week. After that inital eppy I would watch them on Saturday nights if I was still awake that late and began to learn who everyone was. My favorite crew from the beginning was the crew of the Cornelia Marie with Phil Harris as Captain. I'm not gonna lie, I leaned towards this crew initailly because Phil's two sons were deckhands and I thought they were pretty good looking. Well as some of you may know from the news, Phil Harris died unexpectedly this past February. I wondered how the show was going to handle it. Turns out they handled it very nicely. The season began back in April and of course Phil was alive and well when they first began shooting so we got to see a good 10 or 12 eppys with Phil doing what he does best. For the last few weeks though, they have been focusing on Phil's illness, recovery and now tonight his death. Phil wanted the cameras to keep rolling even though he was sick, so thats exactly what they did. By doing this, the world was able to see raw, intimate interactions with Phil and his sons right after his stroke. ABSOLUTELY HEARTBREAKING!!! This is the by far the most real reality tv I have ever seen. If you have never watched the show, I strongly recommend it. I guarantee you, you will not be disappointed. Luckily, as with all cable channels, they rerun the eppys multiple times throughout the week so you can get caught up.

Below are a few clips from the show. The first one is of Phil's son Jake confessing that he is addicted to painkillers after his dad caught him stealing his pills. Phil really goes off on Jake and says some harsh things, but luckily the two were able to make up before Phil died.

Next is Phil's son Josh flying out to be with Phil and Jake and the other captain's telling their crews. This clip made me fall in love with this song!

The next clip is of Phil's son Josh and his friend and captain of another boat on the show, Johnathan on Jay Leno. It features a clip of Josh with his dad in the hospital shortly before he died. At this point, the doctor's were very optimistic that Phil was going to get better and they were actually about to send him to a rehab hospital in Seattle. So sad! Ultimately, Phil ended up dying of a pulmonary embolism caused from smoking so much.

Well now that you all have read about my new OBSESSION with this show, I highly recommend you checking it out. You will not be disappointed!!


  1. i love deadliest catch also... been watching it for a couple years now... the last few episodes this season (and especially the after the catch that they have on after) have been very rough watching... well, i cant wait to see how the 2 sons keep the boat going.

  2. I can't wait either Amy! I hope they are both back together on the same boat next season and hopefully it will be The Cornelia Marie!


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