Monday, July 12, 2010


Here we are already halfway through summer. I can't believe that in a little over 5 months, Christmas will be here. Seriously! All you people reading this saying "Stop it", it's true. Before you know it we will all be watching football games and getting ready for Halloween. Of course before Halloween is even over the stores already have at least half of their Christmas decor out. Now I'm all for preparing and planning ahead and I'm gonna be honest and say I have actually started Christmas shopping. That is actually more because I have a new nephew and in order to spoil him like he should be I have to start buying stuff early so I don't go broke!

I don't actually know at what age it is that time actually starts flying by. I remember being a little kid and I couldn't wait to grow up. Time seemed to go by so slow. I was so excited to be able to be done with school and be out on my own with a "real" job. Now that I am done with school and out on my own with a "real" job, I miss being a little kid. Of course when I was a kid, adults would always tell me to enjoy being a kid and not to be in a hurry to grow up. Like all kids though, I thought they were full of nonsense. I miss the days of spending my summer vacation sleeping in everyday, having sleepovers with friends, playing outside and staying up all night. Now my summers consist of hearing my alarm go off at 540, working from 8-530, making dinner, cleaning, doing laundry, and watching a little TV. Of course on the weekends I get some nice time to head down to the pool, spend time with friends, and of course make the annual Detroit Tigers trip and Higgins Lake trip if time and money allow for them. Still though, I miss the days of doing nothing and having fun doing it. Don't get me wrong, I like my job and I'm very grateful that I even have a job, but every now and then I think about just taking a week off to do nothing. During my summers while I was in college Becca and I "worked", but we still found time to hang out almost everyday! I'm pretty sure we were attached at the hip for a good year or two straight! I miss that! Even after I graduated from college with my associates degree, I wanted to have one last "summer break". I told myself I wasn't even going to start looking for a job until August. Heck I was only 20 years old, I don't think I was ready to "grow up" yet. So that's exactly what I did. I enjoyed my summer, slept in all morning, stayed up all night, hung out with friends and worked my job as a sandwich artist @ Subway. Then sometime around August 20, I got a call about a job offer in the exact setting and place that I wanted to work. I couldn't have asked for things to turn out any more perfect than that. Five years later, I'm at the same job (which I love) and missing my summer vacations spent doing nothing but what I wanted to do.

So starting now and lasting until the end of summer I am going to try to spend my weekends enjoying the weather and the free time. I'm going to sleep in as late as I can, stay up as late as I can, and do whatever it is I want to do that day. I may not get to do it seven days a week, but I will sure be doing it the two that I can. Enjoy it while you can people, because before you know it the snow will be falling and all free time will be spent shopping and preparing for the holidays!!!

(Side note: If this seemed like it got confusing I apologize. I start off with ideas in my head and then get distracted and don't know where I was going with them. These blog entries will be entitled "ramblings" from now and and trust me, there will prob be a few of them!)


  1. yes we use to have so much fun as kids!! ahh memories!!! we could make tons of posts with the memories that we have!!!


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