Monday, July 26, 2010

"My 5" Mondays

Well I have been trying to figure out something that I could blog about on Mondays since I have YouTube Tuesday and Weekly Song Wednesday. I finally decided on "My 5 Mondays". Each week I will post a different "My 5" list. To kick things off, I decided this week's "My 5" will be:
"My 5 Crazy Fears"
1. SPIDERS!!! Actually I am freaked out by anything with more than 4 legs. Spiders, centipedes, any form of bug at all basically, besides lady bugs and butterflys. I am so freaked out by them that I am not even going to post a pic!
2. The BK King!

Bk King Pictures, Images and Photos

Seriously, how is this not the freakiest mascot EVER. The commercials where he is sneaking up on everyone freaks me out. Especially the one where the guy wakes up and the king is right there in his face. That would seriously give me a heart attack!

3. Chucky from Child's Play

chuky Pictures, Images and Photos

I think I am going to have nightmares now just for posting this pic. I remember watching "Child's Play" when I was about 8 years old. BAD IDEA. Especially since I had a TON of dolls. I remember everytime he would come on the screen I would hide my face behind a pillow. To this day, I can still not watch this movie.

4. The "Unsolved Mysteries" Theme Song

Seriously listen to this song and tell me it doesn't give you the chills. I remember scanning through the pre-programmed ringtones on one of my old cell phones and finding one that sounded similar to this and thinking WTF!!!

5. Chimpanzees

Frowning chimp. Pictures, Images and Photos

This is my most recent absurb fear. I remember falling asleep on the couch about a year ago while watching "Jimmy Kimmel Live". Well you know how sometimes when you fall asleep with the TV on and then start to wake up and you incorporate things from the TV into your dreams? Well that happened to me at about 430 am when "World News Now" was on. The recording of the 911 call from that chimp attack where the chimp ripped the womans face off was on. FREAKED ME OUT. Now I am completely freaked out my chimpanzees. Not monkeys or any other small primate. Just the ones that are the same size as me and have twice the strength!

So there you have it. My crazy fears. Does the BK King or "Unsolved Mysteries" theme song freak anyone else out? What are your insane fears??


  1. Funny Post!! I agree about the Burger King mascot! Very Scary. Anyway I found you from Makin Friends Monday. :) Please follow me back.

  2. I'm with you on the chipanzees. Freaky little things, aren't they? I think what did it for me and monkeys was the Wizard of Oz. I don't get too freaked out with spiders but today I killed a scorpion in my family room. Okay, that did it for me!

    Take care,


  3. wow! you killed a scorpion - very creepy eek!!! : ) Nicole I am with you 100% on that list! i remember being there covering our faces to the chucky movies!! ! :) I liked this post very much!!! :)

  4. Following you back fro monday

  5. Thanks for the follow yesterday. Following you back .

  6. Chucky and the Unsolved Mysteries theme are definitely on my list of creepy things! The guy who hosts UM creeps me out as well. That voice....ugh. *chills*

  7. Lisa if I found a scorpion anywhere in my house I would be freaked out for a good week at least. Thanks Becca! I'm glad you liked it. Jess that whole show creeps me out! Thanks to my new followers :)

  8. Following you back from Make Friends Monday! Thanks for stopping by mu blog.

    The Burger King weirds me out! So does that Quaker Oats guy!


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