Monday, September 6, 2010

My 5 Monday!!

This week I am going to continue with some of my favorite things from when I was a child. This week's theme will be:

"My 5 Favorite TV Shows When I Was a Child"

1. Home Improvement
Home Improvement Pictures, Images and Photos
I was pretty obsessed with this show when I was younger for one reason: Jonathan Taylor Thomas, or as I used to call him JTT. I thought he was the cutest thing ever. Actually Zachary Ty Bryan was pretty cute too so there was two reasons for me to love this show. I am pretty sure I never missed an eppy though and I recently started buying the DVDs. I obviously am not still obessed with "JTT", but I still love the show. Actually, I love it even more now that I understand the jokes. Oh yea I did always like that the show took place in Michigan too and they would always wear Michigan team clothing. Still love that!

2. Boy Meets World
Boy Meets World Pictures, Images and Photos
Well if TGIF wasn't the best thing on TV when I was growing up, I don't know what was. This show happened to be in the TGIF lineup for its entire duration I do believe. Is there anyone that grew up in the 90's that didn't love this show? Every character had something great about them; Cory and Topanga's relationship, Shawn's angst, Eric's dumbness, Mr. Feeny and the parents trying to keep them in line. Oh and then they graduated and went to college and hottie Matthew Lawrence joined the show for the rest of the series. Whats not to love?!

3. Full House
full house Pictures, Images and Photos
Well this has to be the cheesiest show from the 90's. I still loved it though. I find it funny that even as a kid I thought it was cheesy. I thought there was no way that sisters could get along as well as the three of them did. It's funny to see all the cast members now though. Bob Sagat is apparently a very raunchy comedian, John Stamos is still acting and still as hot as he was twenty years ago on this show, and of course the Olsen twins are all grown up and, for the most part, staying out of trouble. Not hurting for cash at all either. It amazes me that this show is still on in syndication and a whole new generation is watching it and loving it!

4. Rescue 911
Rescue 911 Pictures, Images and Photos
Okay did anyone else ever watch this show? I seriously was only about 7 years old and I LOVED it! I actually wish it were still on because I would totally be watching it. This show actually taught me a little about what to do in an emergency too. Let's see I remember watching a little boy sit down on an esculator and then his jacket got sucked into the belt which in turn led him to get sucked in. That taught me never to sit down on one of those. I also remember an eppy where a little girl grabbed a knife from her kitchen so her babysitter could open something up and she ended up stabbing her little brother right in the stomach with a butcher knife. GREAT show! Oh and I remember William Shatner from this show and nothing else lol.

5. Saved By The Bell
saved by the bell Pictures, Images and Photos
Okay who didn't watch this show growing up? I am pretty sure everyone did! What amazes me is that this show was a Saturday morning show and I don't think it has ever gone out of syndication. If you want to watch it now, you just have to turn on TBS in the mornings and voila, there it is! Just like Home Improvement, I am pretty sure I have seen every eppy at least five times and I will still watch it if I see it on. I honestly don't see this show ever going off TV, even though the cast members are all close to 40 now. One of the best high school shows ever!! Although I'm not going to lie, I was kinda disappointed when I went to high school and there were no nerds with pocket protectors running from the jocks. Actually I am disappointed there was no Zack or Slater either!!

Well there you have it. My 5 favorite shows when I was a kiddie. Just a little disclaimer by the way, I didn't include Friends in this list because I didn't fall in love with that show until I was in high school. That is no doubt one of my all time favorite shows though! What were some of your favs as a kid? Did anyone else watch Rescue 911???


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  3. Love Home Improvement and Saved By The Bell!

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  5. I loved all these shows too!

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  6. Boy Meets World was my number 1 favorite TV show back then. Never.Missed.An.Episode.

  7. I LOVE YOU. I loved ALL of these shows! I actually completely forgot about Rescue 911 until you posted it!

    I wanted to change my name to Topanga when I was a kid. I thought she was so cool!

  8. strolling down memory lane is so much fun!!! One of my favorite shows was beverly hills 90210! - but seriously, I think you got hooked on rescue 911 because of my DAD!!!!! OMG that and cops!

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  11. omg I would quite happily sit through reruns of Full House and I'm in my 30s now haha

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  13. Haha you make me feel old! I don't really remember Rescue 911 though. But loved the other shows to. I always watched Saved by the Bell and Boy Meets World. But I was in high school/college than. LOL.

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  18. I grew up on in Europe with 1 tv channel...2 when I turned 10, but my favorites were also Saved By The Bell, Full House and Rescue 911.

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  19. Fun post! Of course, now that I am sitting here trying to think of my favorite shows from when I was a kid, I'm coming up with nothing! LOL!

    Well, there's always the Waltons and Little House on the Prairie! (still favorites) Those are from when I was really young and didn't get to choose what to watch!

    My teen years would be shows like Family Ties or Growing Pains....stuff like that. Not so much favorites, but I did watch them every week!

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  20. Loved this post...brought back lots of memories. :) New follower from Follow Us Monday Mornings.

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  22. OMG, I love all of those shows!

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