Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sick of Them Saturday!!

Well lovely readers, I was thinking about who or what to blog about for this entry back around Tuesday and Wednesday and I was worried that I wouldn't have anyone. Can you believe it?! Nobody was making me sick of them!! Luckily though that all changed by the end of the week:

1. Lindsay Lohan

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Oh Lindsay, will you never learn?! Apparently not. Let's see about 3 or 4 weeks ago LiLo was released from an extremely short stay in rehab all "clean and sober". Fast forward 3 or 4 weeks and LiLo fails her mandatory drug testing, apparently testing positive for cocaine. So that means she violated the rules of her probation so its back to jail for Lindsay right? That is sure how it seemed early Friday afternoon. The judge revoked her probation, set NO bail and it seemed as if LiLo would be spending the time until her next hearing at the end of October behind bars. Well that is how it seemed at first. Turns out her attorney wasn't too happy about all of this and demanded she get bail set. Well apparently the judge decided to give in late Friday evening and LiLo's bail was then set at $300,000 which I'm assuming she paid about 30 seconds later. Her next hearing isn't until October 22 and I'm sure if she gets any jail time for violating probation it will be an extremely short sentence. These celebs are never going to learn if they keep getting away with everything!!

2. Katy Perry's banned Sesame Street segment

Ok so here's the deal. Katy Perry appeared on Sesame Street with Elmo and sang a child friendly variation of her song "Hot and Cold". A video of the appearance appeared on the Internet before the episode aired. Parents were apparently furious at Katy's dress and eventually got Sesame Street to decide not to air Katy's appearance. So here is my 2 cents. Yes Katy's dress was a little too low cut for a preschool show. HOWEVER, the producers DIDN'T see any problem with it themselves since they allowed her to wear it to begin with. I myself don't think that any child that is a fan of SESAME STREET AND ELMO are even paying attention to her dress whatsoever. Children are innocent. They aren't looking at Katy's breasts. These children are babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. They have more interest in the cute little puppets and the fun little song than the dress. My 7 month old nephew LOVES Sesame Street and even though he can't talk yet to answer this question himself, I am sure if you asked what he was looking at he would say ELMO. Some people need to realize that small kids don't think about things the way adults do. I remember watching Home Improvement when I was little because I was in love with the adorable boys on the show. When I watch it now, I understand all the adult jokes and sexual innuendos that are said. I didn't have a clue what anything meant when I watched this show when I was little because my mind didn't think that way. Just like children that watch Sesame Street don't think about Katy Perry's dress being too sexual. IDK just my opinion.

3. AT&T

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I have had AT&T phone service for almost 10 years off and on. I started with them when I got my first phone then switched to Sprint for about 2 years and then switched back to ATT. I have never had any real trouble with ATT until last week. Starting last Thursday, I wasn't receiving any texts. I was able to send them, make phone calls, and access the Internet perfectly fine, but couldn't receive messages. Shockingly it took me two days to realize that I wasn't receiving them (which is strange since I normally get about 10 or so from CNN and E!News alone a day). Last Friday night I called customer service and talked to them a good hour or so . They told me numerous things to try, but nothing would work. I was able to receive texts that AT&T customer service sent though, but nothing else. So the problem doesn't get solved Friday night so they tell me they will call me back tomorrow to see if it is working yet. They call me Saturday morning and it still isn't working. The lady then tells me to go to an AT&T store and have them try my SIM card in another phone. If my messages come through to that phone, then there is a prob with my phone. If they don't there is a prob with my SIM they tell me. So I go to the store and tell the guy what they said to do. I THOUGHT he did what I said, but he still can't get it to work. He then calls customer service again and they tell him everything they told me the night before. So almost an hour later it still isn't working. He tells me they are going to look into it and give me a call. So shortly after leaving the store, a guy calls me to tell me that I now have a case number and they will be getting back to me later that week. On Sunday I start getting messages, but they are from THURSDAY!! So I get a few messages from Thursday, but still none from the current day. Monday I get more messages from days before and a message from ATT telling me that my problem is resolved....ummm no it's not. So I call ATT on my 30 minute lunch break and end up spending an hour on the phone and get nothing accomplished. The lady does call the guy from the store that I talked to Saturday and asks if he tried my card in another phone, but he didn't remember (thanks dude). So she tells me to try it in another phone. So I swap SIM card with my coworker and low and behold, right when I put my card in her phone, messages start POURING in. Her card was working in my phone too though so that means the card works AND the phone works. So now I'm thinking WTF?!?! So that night I get home and find my old phone, charge it up and stick my card in there. Wouldn't ya know it, I get about 20 old messages. Once I get caught up on old messages, I put the card back in my current phone and IT WORKS. I still don't know what was up with not receiving them, but I really wish the guy at the store had actually done what I told him to do per the customer service lady. If he had done that it would've saved me many days of dealing with different reps.GRRR ATT!!!!! (Don't worry though, I still love them!) The plus side is, now I know how to fix it if it happens again!!

Sorry about my LONG rants, but seriously!!! Who or what were you sick of this week?

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  1. Yeah the katy perry thing did get old this week. I think its old with us because WE don't have kids and we really don't care lol - also, that sucks with your phone!!! Im glad you got it fixed!!!!!! You need your justin bieber E texts!!!!

    talk to you soon!!!

  2. i just tagged you in my blog today (09-25) - come check it out and play along!!

  3. Hey I copised your post on my blog about Katie Perry. She even changed the lyrics. I have directed people back to you. If this isn't o.k. let me know. I am so glad you posted this. Jenn

  4. Oh girl you know how I feel about the whole LiLo situation. How ridiculous. Although it wasn't Judge Fox (who initially sent her straight to jail) that overruled and let her post bail. A separate judge did it. So there's ONE good judge in Hollywood, but unfortunately his rulings don't matter much because all of the other judges can be bought out and persuaded.

    I also agree about the Katy Perry thing.

  5. YES! I am so sick of it as well...especially lindsay lohan..i mean girl just needs to be put out of her misery.

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  7. So agree with you, especially regarding Lindsay Lohan and Sesame Street! Ridiculous that LL's out for the time being and ridiculous that KP's dress is THAT big of a deal. I hope parents don't let their kids watch women's figure skating if KP's dress got them so upset.

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