Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sick of Them Saturday!!

Well after last week's hiatus so I could bring you the much deserving "Salute Them Saturday" in tribute to 9/11, Sick of Them Saturday is back. YAY!!!! Guess what folks, a frequent flyer appears once again!!

1. Justin frickin Bieber

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Yes I know you are all thrilled. I am sure most of you are as sick of him as I am though. So this week of course was the VMA's. As if seeing all the stupid "Road to the VMA's starring JB" weren't enough, when the actual show started we got a countdown of minutes until he "performed". It's like it was fricking New Years Eve or something. Of course when Justin finally did come on all he did was "perform" cause he sure as heck didn't sing live. Sounded pretty much like he lip synched to me. Whoop tee fricking doo! So as if seeing Justin plastered all over MTV and magazines and hearing him constantly isn't enough I also found out that this week on the season premiere of "CSI", Justin is guest starring. You have GOT to be kidding me! Seriously CSI? Are you trying to attract the 5-14 year old girls to your show cause I am pretty sure your normal viewing audience isn't his biggest fan. Congrats Justin Bieber, you may have only won one moonman (I think? that was all I remember at least), but you have won the "Sick of Them Saturday" award for the third time I do believe! 

2. Oprah's audience

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Actually I am not sick of Oprah's audience. I am actaully more jealous. How nice it must be to show up to her show expecting just an ordinary show (well maybe a small gift, because this is Oprah after all) and end up winning a trip to AUSTRALIA!!! As if that weren't enough, you are going to be flown there by John Travolta serving as your pilot. I am so fricking jealous!!! If I ever got to go to the Oprah show I would probably get to be there when you got nothing whatsoever. Honestly people, after giving away cars, thousands of dollars worth of gifts around Christmas time, and now a trip across the fricking globe with an A list actor as your pilot, how many of you think people want to be in her audience JUST to win an amazing gift. I would be so let down if I didn't get anything. I know that is selfish, but it is also true!

3. Mentally Unstable People

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Okay so this list seems to grow every week. First there was the "Serial Stabber" right here in my city. This guy went around stabbing completely innocent people day after day, week after week, for months for no reason whatsoever. He would approach them late at night or early morning, ask them for help, and then when the good samiaritan went to help him he would stab them and then drive off. I believe he stabbed 20 people. Most of those were here in Michigan, one was in Ohio, and two or three were in Virginia. Five of the victims stabbed here in Flint died. The reason for all of this is still unknown. Next we have the man who decided to create a hostage situation at the Discovery Channel building. Apparently this guy was mad that Discovery was promoting and producing shows such as "Kate Plus 8" and "19 Kids and Counting" that promoted overpopulation. He would rather them feature shows that promote sterilization since humans are destroying the world. Seriously dude, I don't think that is quite the reason things are the way they are. Next there was the lady who first accused some random lady of throwing acid on her face and is now being accused of throwing it on her own face. Ummm this seems like a very painful thing to do for 15 minutes of fame. Just my opinion though. Finally there was the tragic incident at Johns Hopkins this week. Some man who apparently got upsetting news about his mothers medical condition decided to shoot the doctor delievering the info, then shot and killed his mother followed by commiting suicide himself. I myself work in a hospital so this was pretty scary to think it could really happen.

Well folks there you have it. Who are you sick of this week??


  1. K, I just LOVED this post! So hilarious and so true! Glad I found you :) Thanks for following back!

  2. The girl who threw acid in her own face actually confessed to police that the burns were self-inflicted. Crazy, but true.

  3. that justin beiber part has hilarious!

  4. LOL at your Justin Bieber fury. I'm on the same level of disdain for that child. I can't stand him. I blame YouTube. Getting famous is supposed to be hard for a reason, YouTube! Same reason I hate Speidi. YOU DIDN'T DO ANYTHING TO BECOME FAMOUS. You have no talents to speak of. You're rich, so you should be famous? No.

    Sorry, I'm finished ranting.

    I also dislike Oprah's audiences, they're just overly excited about everything. And seriously people, Oprah's not THAT funny.

    Crazy people suck too.


  5. seriously you should just change your site to an anti justin bieber site! - lol so funny! :) and that sucks about the hospital event! that's totally lame.

  6. I know that I tell you this every week but I just love it. Justin freakin bieber!!! ha ha ha

    I am sick too about that lady throwing acid into her own face and saying someone else did it.

    You make me laugh.

    Carol-the gardener

  7. Argh, how I hate Justin Bieber!
    I hope to get a ticket to Oprah's Australian show... Love her!


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