Monday, September 13, 2010

My 5 Monday!!

This week really took some thinking for "My 5 Monday". I decided to continue my time with nostalgia and have this weeks theme be"

"My 5 Posters I Had on My Wall As A Child/Teen"

1. Jonathan Taylor Thomas
Jonathan Taylor Thomas Pictures, Images and Photos
Well my wall was COVERED in posters of him from the years of about 93-98. I had just about every single poster from every single magazine he had been in. Also owned most of the big ones that you buy at the store. I basically made wallpaper with him.

2. Devon Sawa
Devon Sawa Pictures, Images and Photos
Whatever part of my wall wasnt covered in JTT during my elementary/middle school years was covered in Devon Sawa. I LOVED him. My bestie Becca and I would fast forward and rewind the movie "Casper" to the end just so we could see the 5 minute part that he was actually in. Also loved "Little Giants" and you can imagine how ecstatic I was when "Wild America" came out and I could watch my two crushes in the same movie! Becca even called up the love song station one summer night back in 1996 and dedicated "Remember Me This Way" to him. Ahhh to be a pre-teen!!

3. O-Town
O-Town Pictures, Images and Photos
Okay so let me be honest and say that I LOVED boy bands back in the late 90's/ early 00's. I preferred Nsync over BSB, but then O-Town came around and they were my all time fav. Now many of you may not remember O-Town, but they were pretty big in the beginning of the millenium. The fact that they starred in a reality show was basically the icing on the cake for me. I actually have all three seasons on VHS still! I think all these guys were adorable, but I think Dan and Erik mighta been my favs!!

4. Justin Timberlake
Shirtless Justin Pictures, Images and Photos
Well JT made an appearance on my wall later in my teens. JTT and Devon had to come down and they were replaced by this exact poster. He still is just as hot as he was back when he was hanging on my wall! If I weren't so old, he would totally be there still!

5. The OC
The O.C. Pictures, Images and Photos
Well I was completely in love with this show when it came out. I also loved that the added the word "The" to the beginning of almost everything. Just like JT, this poster was also on my wall during my late teens. Thank God for TV on DVD so I can still watch this show whenever I please!!

Well there ya have it! The people that decorated my walls for a good 10 years or so. Who did you have on your wall when you were a kid/teen??


  1. Love how you did this and can't wait for Sick of them Saturday!
    Just a pretty blog - hello from the hop!

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  3. omg...going out to devon from becky in burton!!! we are soooo crazy!! yes, i would still put up a JT Poster!!! hOLLA!!! now it's all JB- just bieber!!! EWW!

  4. Wonderful posters and wonderful memories. Stopping my from Monday's Blog hops. if you get time stop by and visit me at Giveaway Blogdom. Have a wondeful day!

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    P.S. I loved JTT, too!

  6. Ah, Devon Sawa and Justin Timberlake/N'Sync. Loved them. My walls were covered in posters of them and Ben Affleck (circa Armageddon).

  7. I so loved JTT and Devon, they adorned my walls along with Jonathon Brandis and 3T :)

  8. I'm a little older than you. By the time these guys were the poster hotties, I had little kids at home. LOL! Thanks for joining us for the Tuesday Train. Hope you have a great week!

  9. lol, this took me back. I too am glad The OC is on DVD. I love that show! :)
    New follower from FMBT.

  10. Oh my gosh, I'd forgotten all about Devon Sawa!!



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