Thursday, April 28, 2011

Idol Live with Nicole!! Top 6- Results!!

So this week I AM sticking with my prediction from last night and calling Haley, Casey, and Jacob bottom 3, with Jacob being eliminated. Bruno Mars and Crystal Bowersox will also be performing tonight.

No mystery typer for the intro tonight, just Ryan Seacrest talking. Contestants are in a different order tonight than last night: James, Scotty, Haley, Lauren, Jacob, and Casey. Its like they are standing in the power list order of the day or something because I totally believe James is the one to beat now with Scotty being second. Casey and Jacob are for sure the bottom two too. Ryan tells us that "a lot of fans are going to be disappointed with tonight's result". Okay well I was disappointed last week so I better not be one of those fans this week too! It better be Jacob!! Or Casey. I'm really hoping there aren't any more duets tonight after last night. I can't handle having to see or hear James and Jacob duet again. Really filling time this week by letting is know that Steven is on the cover of Rolling Stone and featured in People. He lets us know that he may be a good boy, but when he's bad he's even better. Great...that actually was clever. Oh good as if I hadn't heard enough about the Royal Wedding EVERYWHERE else, we now get a tribute to all things British. Various British actors and figures are shown. Jacob once again sends out a sign that he isn't into women by letting us know the decorations are purple. Call me crazy or mean, but I am NOT reading too much into all of these subtle little hints he is giving out! Well the only thing relevant to Idol and Brit Week would be Simon Cowell...the only judge that knew how to say something mean, but true! No Simon cameos though. Oh good now we get a group performance of a medley of Carole King songs. Included in this medley are a whole lotta songs I don't know at all. Oh I recognize one..."One Fine Day". Well at least they are really singing and not lip syncing. Wow another song I know, "It's Too Late". James did pretty good with that one. I am sticking with my guess and predicting him to be the winner, or at least top 2.

Ford music video this week is "Our House". Cute video once again, although I miss seeing cutie Stefano in it :(. Performance of "Riding With the Radio" from Crystal Bowersox. Good performance and not a bad song. True to the style of Crystal from last season. Okay so far we have had performances from Crystal, Lee, David C., Adam, Fantasia, Kelly, etc. Where is my Kris Allen performance?!!? He can sing anything he chooses, I just want to see his cute self (I like his voice a lot too :))!!

More filler!! Questions from ATT users now. Casey says he would do a duet with Oscar Peterson (famous jazz musician) if he could do one with anyone. Jacob says he discovered his vocal range when he was 6 or 7. Lauren says the hardest thing about being a finalist is missing people from back home. She sends out her sympathy to all those in the south dealing with all the tornadoes, as does Ryan after she does. Scotty says he used to work at a grocery store and tanning salon before Idol. James says he has played with a few bands before Idol. Haley says her all time favorite past Idol contestant is Adam Lambert, Siobhan Magnus, Kelly Clarkson, Lee Dewyze and Crystal Bowersox. Ryan then dogs on Taylor by saying "what no Taylor Hicks". Nice Ryan...although I do agree. Goodness time for results finally!! Haley is called up first and we get a video recap from last nights performance. We could totally make this show half an hour now. Jimmy says Haley's problem as an artist is that she doesn't know who she is yet. Haley then must've said something vulgar because she gets bleeped. Haley is SAFE!!! Wow that means we have a new member to the bottom 3 club!! Unless they only do a bottom 2. Scotty is next. Jimmy says Scotty is a phenom. Scotty is.... Ryan makes him wait to hear the results. Lauren's turn now. Jimmy says Lauren only hears the negative in her critiques. She agrees with Jimmy. Ryan also makes Lauren sit back down before hearing if she is safe or not. Casey is next. Jimmy says he is a great musician but he was disappointed last night with the growl. Says Casey needs to realize that the family dog does not vote on this show. BEST CRITIQUE EVER THIS SEASON!!! I guess the are having Jimmy voice his comments so the contestants can actually get constructive criticism for once this season. He predicts Casey is safe. Once again we don't get to hear his result. Haley is the only one safe so far that we know of. Ryan tells us we may be surprised who is safe and who is not. Well obviously either James, Lauren, or Scotty are bottom 3 this week since Haley is safe. With the recaps, we really didn't need to watch last night.

James is on stage after the break. Jimmy says when he sings heavy metal he isn't always believeable, but when he sings songs with a rock feel he is. Says there's no doubt in his mind he can win this. James is SAFE!!!! YAY :) Jacob's turn now. Jimmy says that the Dancing with the Stars stage is right next to the Idol stage and when he says Jacob's outfit last night, he thought he went into the wrong dressing room. LOVE JIMMY!! Says you need the whole package for this show. Says he thinks Jacob could possibly go home tonight. He then adds that we need to stop comparing the contestants to themselves each week and start comparing them to each other, there is only one winner. JIMMY NEEDS TO BE THE ONLY JUDGE FOR THE REMAINDER OF THE SEASON!!!! Ryan has Casey, Lauren, and Scotty join Jacob back in center stage. LAUREN IS SAFE!!! So this makes it seem as if Jacob, Casey, and Scotty are the bottom 3. HOWEVER, he never mentioned those words at all. Clever Ryan! Let me just say that my BFF Becca called me earlier today and predicted that they were going to make it seem as if Scotty was bottom 3. Kudos Becca!!!

Bruno Mars is next performing his hit "The Lazy Song". Love the musicians!! They are just chilling on some random, raggedy couch on stage...with a dog!! A real dog at that :). I love me some Bruno Mars!!! That man can do no wrong when it comes to music! Well of course I loved that performance!

Results time!! Ryan reminds us that the results are in RANDOM ORDER TONIGHT. Therefore, Casey, Scotty, and Jacob aren't necessarily the actual bottom 3. JACOB IS SAFE!!!! BOOO!!!! Scotty is SAFE!!! Casey is ELIMINATED!!! He didn't look too shocked by this at all. I wouldn't either if I were standing up there with Scotty. Well the judge's save lasted an extra 5 weeks so that's not too shabby. Still think they wasted it though when they could've used it for Pia!! After watching is goodbye video, I do have to say Casey is a pretty great MUSICIAN with all the different instruments he plays. Looks pretty happy during his video. Way to take it like a man, just like Stefano did last week. Next week when Jacob is eliminated I bet he won't take it as well. Casey sings "i Put a Spell on You" for his sing out song. As he is singing he kisses a bunch of random girls in the audience. There is way too much growling in this performance. It was pretty entertaining though:)

So no real surprises tonight. I guarantee Scotty wasn't actually a member of the bottom 3 and I really, truly hope that Jacob leaves next week. I have had about 3 or 4 weeks more of him than I cared to.

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