Thursday, April 21, 2011

Idol Live with Nicole!! Top 7- Results!!

Okay I am going to start this post by making a change to my bottom 3 prediction from last night. I am going to say Casey, Jacob, and Stefano will be bottom 3, with Stefano being eliminated. Loved Stefano last night though, but I think his 9 lives are about up in this competition. Would be thrilled to see Jacob go though! Can't say I'd miss Casey too much either...

During the intro recap, the mystery typer doesn't mention anything about a surprise elimination so I'm still saying Stefano is going home. Just a side note, I don't think I would want to be in the part of the audience that sit behind the stage. I would rather look at the contestants faces than the judges all night. Ryan lets us know there were over 52 million votes last night. Voting count seems to be way up this season. Probably because you can vote online now. Jennifer says she hopes its not a girl going home tonight. It won't be. Group performance of "Hey Soul Sista" by Train featuring Haley, Stefano, Jacob, and Lauren. Jacob is completely annoying me with his cheesy smile. I know that's mean, but I can't stand him too much. This isn't too bad of a performance. Pretty decent I guess. Much better than that train wreck last night of "So What". The fact that the lyric "So gangsta, I'm so thug" is in this song amuses me. I never really noticed that part until Lauren and Haley sang it, but the Train lead singer isn't exactly "thug" either. Totally can't hear Stefano singing at all, did they turn his mic off or what?!

After break, Ford Music Video. This week its "World" by Five for Fighting. Whoo hoo, another song I know!! Cute little video, but you all know how much I actually love these things (for real!). So I just realized how much I miss seeing the Ford commercials from last season with Kris Allen. I just miss seeing Kris Allen in general actually. Up next singing "Viva La Vida" by Coldplay is Scotty, James, and Casey. I hope this is better than when Matt Giraud sang it back in season 8. Doesn't seem like a Scotty song, but he sounds much better on it than Casey. They're doing decent, but it's kind of lackluster. Scotty sounds much different on this song than he normally does though so maybe next week he will step out of the box a little. Ryan asks Jacob what he thought when all the contestants called him a "diva" last night. He says he doesn't think they meant it in a bad way. He thinks they meant it with his notes vocally. Yea I'm pretty sure that's not all they meant. Scotty has a cupcake named after him back in his hometown. Casey shows a painting that a fan sent him of him and his dog in a bass. Nice. Results time!! Casey and Jacob stand first. Apparently there was a "technical glitch" during Jacob's performance last night. Guess we are sticking with that. Casey is SAFE!! Dang it I shouldn't have changed my prediction!! Jacob is BOTTOM 3!! YAY!!! He won't be out though I'm sure.

David Cook performs "The Last Goodbye", his single from his upcoming sophomore album. Aww I really liked David Cook! Still do actually. This new single has the potential to be a hit if it actually gets radio play. Okay James has something in his hands that he is showing to everyone, but I have no clue what. David's mom apparently just wanted to come to the show to meet Steven, so of course she gets a hug. Seriously, how do people find that guy attractive?!?! He looks like a woman!!

The contestants got to go to a Dodgers game this week and apparently bowling. I totally want to go bowling with them!! James and I could compete for the lowest score because after three times he still hadn't hit a single pin. Although when they showed his score later he had 100. Jacob wants to go to the spa...wonder why people think he is a diva. Totally wouldn't mind being the one massaging Stefano!! James takes over though and Stefano calls him something worthy of a bleep :). Scotty's shirt during this clip said "Trojan Men" which I am sure has something to do with his school, but it still is amusing :). Lauren, James and Stefano make their way to the center. Hmmm I wonder who is in the bottom out of those three??? Ryan asks Randy if Stefano did enough to stay out of the bottom 3 tonight, Randy says he hopes so. Well that was just mean Ryan, because Stefano is BOTTOM 3!! Little punk had me excited for a second there. Lauren and James are both SAFE!!! Knock me over with a feather. Haley and Scotty are next. Hmm this is the most predictable show this season. Scotty is SAFE!!! Haley is BOTTOM 3!!! So surprised! Ryan sends Haley right to the safety of the couches though. Well that was pointless Ryan.

Katy Perry performs "E.T." after break. Well this is interesting. Lots of dancers dressed like aliens. Her outfit has a pink light show going on on it. Oh good Kanye West makes a cameo. Like Kanye's music, but not a big fan of him as a person. Good performance. I'm guessing that was pre-taped because Ryan is backstage with Stefano and Jacob after it. Jacob says this competition is everything to him and he gave America his best every time. Stefano is used to being in the bottom 3 so he says if its the end of the road, he will keep pushing to get to where he wants to be in his career.

Elimination time!!! To fill time Ryan asks what Jennifer thinks of both Stefano and Jacob. She says Jacob has given many great moments that she won't forget. Stefano has come far as their wild card pic. She hates to see either of them go. Randy says they have shown America what kind of artists they are. Steven says no one deserves to be standing there (naturally). The person going home is...STEFANO!!!! Aww I'm bummed, but not surprised :(. Awww James has his head down in his hands and looks heartbroken :(. He's got a smile on his face for the whole video, but he looks like he wants to cry. Yea he can't stand still during it at all...just like me, always has to move!! Aww still has a smile on his face. He is singing "Lately" as his sing out song. James goes out while he's finishing the end and picks him up. Love their little bromance!!! I am going to miss them together! They then hug for a good minute, before Stefano gets a hug from everyone else. I seriously love those two together!!! I seriously feel bad for James. Poor guy is getting hugs from the contestants just like Stefano. He then has to walk away from the group towards the back with his head down, I'm guessing he's crying :(

Next week "Songs of Carole King". Wow Stefano, bet you are sad you're missing that one. What happened to the whole "current themes" this season. Can't say there have been too many. Bruno Mars next week on the results show though!!! I LOVE me some Bruno Mars!!!  

So I guess I should've stuck with my prediction from last night because I was dead on. I should always trust my instincts!!! I'm sad Stefano is leaving, but not at all surprised. Still gonna miss him though!!! I'm ready for Jacob to go next week!  

Anyone with me in missing Stefano?? Or the Stefano/James bromance??? Let me know what you think!!!

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  1. I got the bottom 3 all correct!!! I was wrong though about who was going home, I thought it would be Haley. Then before they announced the results, I guessed it would be Stefano, and I was right about that.


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