Thursday, April 7, 2011

Idol Live with Nicole!! Top 9- Results!! WTF pt. 2!!!!

Well like every week, I am going to state my prediction of the bottom 3 before the show starts. I'm going to say Haley, Paul, and either Stefano or Jacob. Of all these people I would miss Jacob the least. So I'm sure that means he will be safe :). Looks like Constantine Maroulis is performing tonight. Blah...

The little typewriter intro tells us that "the race has never been tighter". This does make sense because they are all pretty decent this season. However last week mystery typer told us that we wouldn't believe who was going home and I was not surprised by Thia and Namia's eliminations at all. Just a little fun fact, of the 9 people left, 4 of them have already been in the bottom 3 this season. I'm thinking Jacob will be added to that list tonight too (hopefully). Whoa J-Lo has on some horrific pants!! They make her hips look huge! I think she got them from MC Hammers closet! Ryan tells us it COULD be a very shocking results night, although that also means it COULD NOT be now doesn't it. After last week's little break from the group performance, it is back this week with a rock medley. The rock medley includes "I Love Rock and Roll", "The Letter", "Sweet Home Alabama", Let me just say Stefano looks adorable and Haley is wearing some1980's jeans. Actually all the guys look pretty good, but Lauren and Haley have some interesting fashion choices. Wow I didn't really pay attention to the guy/girl ratio until they were standing on opposite sides of the stage. Lucky girls, they get two guys each :).

Ford music video this week is "Love Gun". Not my favorite one, but still cute. After the video we get clip of the contestants waiting for some "mystery person" to walk down the steps for some sort of coaching. And of course the mystery person is Russell Brand because that makes no sense at all. I'm starting to think that the producers of Idol just look outside in LA and see who's walking by that day and have them come to take some segment for Idol. First Hulk Hogan and now Russell Brand....WTF?!?! It's clearly filler, but at least its entertaining, albeit somewhat inappropriate. Now time for some results. Casey, Stefano,and Lauren are called to the stage first. Uh oh, I think I know what this means. Apparently Kelly Clarkson has a crush on Casey, I personally have one on Stefano :). Lauren is SAFE!! Casey is SAFE!! Stefano is BOTTOM 3!! :( Well boo, I was afraid of that!!

Constantine Maroulis performs "Unchained Melody" after the break. I honestly don't know what all these women see in him. He kinda creeps me out!!  Interesting version of the song though. Pretty nice actually, sounds so much more current with the music! Aww he does have a beatiful new baby girl though so congrats to him! More filler. This time it's Gwen Stefani giving the girls fashion advice. More results now. Paul, Scotty, and Pia are next to the center stage. Scotty is SAFE!! Paul is SAFE!!! Pia is BOTTOM 3!!! WTF?!?!!?

More filler again! This time the contestants go visit TMZ. Well this is just all kinds of randomness with the filler tonight. Wow the TMZ workers are giving the contestants some harsh, but honest critiques. Contestants are fighting back though! Hmmm the TMZ people ask if they have any questions and Jacob asks if one of the female workers is single. Pretty sure Jacob isn't in to the ladies though, but just my guess. More results now. James, Haley, and Jacob are up next. Really hoping Jacob is the one in the bottom 3. Haley and Jacob are holding hands, but for some reason James isn't. Interesting. James is SAFE!! Haley is SAFE!! Jacob is BOTTOM 3!!! Guess people didn't like his little comment he made last night about us being afraid to look at ourselves in the mirror. Really hope he goes, but I think my boy Stefano will be the one leaving tonight :(.

Wow now the only people who haven't been in the bottom 3 are Lauren, Scotty and James.

Iggy Pop performs next and all I have to say is WTF?!!?! He is performing shirtless!! Seriously!?!? We can't see Ryan or Stefano shirtless, we have to see some dude who will be able to qualify for Medicare in a couple weeks!!!! Seriously I wikipedia'd it. He is almost 65!!! Heck I wouldn't mind seeing his guitarist shirtless. Basically (almost) anyone but him. OKay well he must've said or done something inappropriate because the camera cuts away from him for a few seconds. Wow I can't count the number of times I've said "OMG" out loud while watching this performance. Seriously if you missed it you must check it out on or Youtube. You will be baffled!! Wow I actually liked that song, but goodness!

Elimination time!!! Damn you Ryan!!! He tells us that "Jacob I can tell you you will be leaving us...and going to safety on the couches". Way to get my hopes up for a split second!! Well this just sucks. I love both Pia and Stefano!! OMG STEFANO IS SAFE!!! PIA IS ELIMINATED!!!! You have got to be kidding me!! Bet the judges are hating themselves for wasting that save they had!!! SOOOO SAD!!!! Audience is booing louder than they have this entire season. Poor Stefano looks like he feels so bad. Not your fault darling! The judges are the ones that should feel bad for wasting that save so fricking early in the season! Jennifer is crying. Randy is mad. She gets a standing ovation from the audience. Ryan asks her to sing once more and she sings "I'll Stand By You". All the contestants seem pretty upset, Lauren and Stefano seem the most upset. After singing the song very well, she breaks down and cries. Ryan tells us to stay with them the rest of the season, they need us. Probably because he knows a lot of people will be done watching because they are so outraged. Only positive thing is she will most likely get a deal and could be as successful as other people who left too soon, i.e. Chris Daughtry and Jennifer Hudson. Those two don't seem to be hurting at all. So sad by this elimination!!! UGH!!!!


  1. OMG ...Nicole...I feel the same way...I can't believe it and I voted! I hope she gets a contract and is just as big as Jennifer Hudson too! Sick, just sick.

    It is so wrong, wrong and wrong.


  2. worst decision ever. what was America thinking??? I can hardly complain though since I have never voted and if I had voted it would hav been for Paul. I think Pia will be fine though, she is a great singer and so gorgeous! SHe will get some sort of gig or contract out of this anyways I think!

  3. hi! thanks for dropping by my site...yay! great I found my way back to your site again...i was reading comments from AI from all over...will be checking back fore more Idol news! :-D

  4. I totally agree!!!! I still can't believe she got voted off!! But you are right, she always has hope because of Chris Daughtry and Jennifer Hudson.


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