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Idol Live with Nicole!! Top 6!!

So I'm gonna be honest with you. With Pia and now Stefano being gone, and the fact that tonight's theme is "Songs of Carole King", I wasn't going to do this blog. However, being that my Idol blogs are the most read entries of my blog, I decided I would...for you!!! Feel free to leave me some comments this week as thanks :). So like I said, tonight the contestants will be singing songs from Carole King. I think tonight's eppy won't be one of my favorites. Guess we will see though!!

Hmm the way order the contestants are introduced tonight is Scotty, Lauren, James, Jacob, Haley, and Casey. Think the producers think that's how the elimination order is going to go? I can almost guarantee they have the top 3 right. Switch around Jacob and Haley and that would be my order of elimination. Ryan reminds us that there is less than a month until the finale :). We then get a little video package highlighting Carole King and her music writing/singing career. Cameo of Constantine Maroulis in the audience. Babyface is mentoring the contestants this week with Jimmy Iovine. I do have to admit that I like Babyface's music, although I don't think I've heard anything from him recently.

Jacob Lusk- "Oh no, Not My Baby" by Carole King. YAY Jacob is singing first....that generally isn't a good thing on this show, especially when you have made bottom 3 visits previously. Hopefully tomorrow will be the last week I have to see him on this show until the finale. Rehearsal didn't seem to go too well at all. Jimmy tells us he is an incredible singer...I disagree. Starts off kinda high for my liking. Sounds a little shrieky. Continues to stay too high pitched. Has a long glory note in the middle, but that also sounds too high. He starts taking us to church at the end. Yea that was my least favorite performance of his I do believe. Steven says that was beautiful. He liked that character with the dancing and the voice, says that's what they're looking for. Jennifer says there were little spaces where it wasn't perfect, but he killed it. Randy says it was a little sharp in a couple of spots. He called the scatting incredible. Says hopefully America will give him some votes and he can stick around. I disagree all around. Pretty sure I can't give an un-biased opinion of him anymore though...I'm calling him BOTTOM 3!!

Lauren Alaina- "Where You Lead" by Carole King. During rehearsal she says she is nervous about hitting the high notes that the judges want her to. Halfway through her rehearsal, Jimmy surprises her with a visit from Miley Cyrus. Which is amusing since two weeks ago he was telling Lauren how she is a much better singer than Miley. MIley tells her she will have some mean comments (clearly not from these judges, they don't give anyone mean comments), but to just ignore it. She is doing pretty good. I can't say I ever remember hearing this song, but she is putting her country twist on it and it sounds like something that could be played on country stations today. She pulls some random guy up on stage and sings to him. At least he is age appropriate. She then sings the entire ending of the song sitting next to him on stage. Jennifer says she is so proud of her for pushing herself. Jennifer liked that she heard her voice crack. Randy says she came out with a little extra swagger. He doesn't know if he loved the song, but he loved that she came out with a vengeance. Steven says she shined when her voice broke. Ryan pulls the guy she was singing to back on stage and asks how old he is. Turns out he is 19, but at least hes not 39. She will be SAFE.

Tonight's eppy also features duets from the contestants. Looks like Haley and Casey are paired up and I'm going to assume Scotty and Lauren are, which means James and Jacob will be also. Their voices don't exactly mesh.

Haley and Casey- "I Feel The Earth Move". Casey says he likes growling with her. This is actually a decent duet. I think I prefer her more than him, but neither are bad. Their voices match up pretty well. Towards the end he sounds like he is shouting though. He always makes scary faces when he sings too. Looks kinda stalkerish. Steven asks how much in love with Haley Casey is. Says it showed. Says there wasn't anything about it he didn't like.

Scotty McCreery- "You Got a Friend". Ryan says Scotty stepped out of his comfort zone this week, but I don't know if I agree. Yes, he chose a song that wasn't made famous by a country artist, but he sounds pretty much the same on it as he does with everything else he sings. That being said, he is doing pretty good with it, like always. Ending was my favorite part, where he added his little twist to it. Gotta say that's my favorite of the night so far. Its also the only song I have known (as a solo performance) so that might sway my opinion a little. Randy says the beginning was flawless, says not to fall off the high notes so rough though. He loved it though. Screams "Scotty is in it to win it"...obviously. Steven says he found his "just right song". Jennifer says he is getting much better with the high register of his voice. Says he told the story beautifully. He will be SAFE!!

James Durbin- "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow". James seems to get the Coke sit downs a lot. He compliments Scotty by saying he was amazing. 100 times better than dress rehearsal. Says he got requests on to do this song. James says no marching band or flaming piano this week, he's just going to be himself. Jimmy says Carole King and James Durbin were made to come together. Okay Jimmy, we will see! Unlike Scotty, James does something a little different every week which makes him a pretty well rounded performer. It could also give him the edge to actually win the whole competition. Playing guitar this week. He sings the first few bars of the song acapella and its pretty amazing. He's great for the whole song actually. Even his little shrieky/ screaming high parts seem pretty in place for the song. KUDOS JAMES!! I'm sure America will still love you tomorrow. Steven says he really liked the too! Says he didn't like the rock part at first, but then he grew to like it. Says that was the first song he ever made out with a girl to. It's kinda strange that he specified that it was a girl. Jennifer said it was magical from the beginning. Says he will be the star of the night with that. I agree. Also says he has had a strong week every single week...also true Jennifer. Randy says he proved he wasn't a great ROCK singer, but a great SINGER. Ends by saying "THIS GUY JUST MIGHT WIN THE WHOLE THING". I find myself agreeing with Randy again. He then says the word "crazy" at least 20 times. Lots of praise for James from Ryan also. He will be SAFE!!

Scotty and Lauren- "Up On the Roof". Ryan says this is their third duet and asks what is going on with them. Scotty says they are like brother and sister. These two just are too funny together during their video package.  Of course these two sound good together. Never heard this song, but they are doing well with it. I'm loving the little city skyline silhouette background they get too. Jennifer said it was beautiful.

After the break, some little blond girl is sitting on Steven's lap. Somehow Ryan makes no mention of this either...

Casey Abrams-"Hi-De-Ho". Okay when I heard the title of this song I immediately thought of Wilson from Home Improvement! The beginning is pretty good vocally. Not liking the creepy faces he starts making once he gets past the opening part though. I'm liking it less and less the further it goes. He also has about 20 or so other people on stage with him too playing all kind of instruments and backup singing. I do like the growling in this song, but the faces freak me out. Okay so it turns out it was only about 10 or so people on stage with him. Randy says he loves that he always keeps the show different. Says it took him back to New Orleans. Yes, that sounds like a good comparison actually. Steven says he found his niche. Says he made his scalp itch it was so good. Jennifer said he was in his element, but wants to see him loosen up a little more with his body. Says to loosen up his legs a little bit. Pretty sure Randy was also saying "less growl" during Jennifer's comments. I'm calling him
BOTTOM 3, especially since James, Scotty, and Lauren SHOULD all be safe. 

After commercial, Ryan talks to someone in the audience that I'm pretty sure is Roseanne. If not, she could be her impostor.

Haley Reinhart- "Beautiful". Well I thought Haley got the pimp spot, but since Jacob and James still have to duet, I guess the pimp spot goes to them. Technical issues before Haley performs. Seem to have been fixed though. She sounds pretty good, so I'm guessing they did fix the technical glitches. I've got to give Haley some major props. The last four weeks or so she has actually been one of my faves, which is pretty great considering she was one of my least faves when the show started 2 months ago. Nice job Haley!! Who would've thunk that she would be one of the two remaining girls. Not me!! Steven says she is as beautiful as that song is. Apparently he heard God in her voice. Well I don't know if I would go that far. Jennifer called it beautiful and says she has one of the best voices in the competition. Randy didn't like the beginning, but he liked the end. Said the beginning was a little boring. Hmmm she was pretty good, but I can't see Scotty, Lauren or James being in the Bottom 3....I'm torn. 

James and Jacob-" I'm Into Something Good". Apparently they weren't too thrilled to find out they were going to have to duet together. Imagine that. Color me amazed, they are actually doing better than I thought. Jacob's dance moves crack me up though. Kinda reminds me of Carlton's from Fresh Prince. They serenade Jennifer. Jacob goes way too high. At the end they try to out-shriek each other. Obviously I prefer James, but that could be my biased mind again. Steven says that wasn't award winning. They say they were going to church with it! 

Faves of the night: James and Scotty

Bottom 3 prediction: Haley (by default), Jacob, Casey

So a couple weeks ago I was sure that it would be a Scotty/ Lauren finale. However, after tonight, I think James could win the whole thing. He will be in the finals with either Scotty or Lauren though. 

Bruno Mars and Crystal Bowersox on tomorrow's results show!!  

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