Sunday, April 29, 2012

90's Boybands

While looking at Pinterest the other day, I found this HILARIOUS pin about why boy bands were better in the 90's. It made me laugh so much I just had to share it on my blog. So for all of you 90's kids and boy band fans, please check it out by clicking the link below. Actually check it out even if you aren't a 90s kid or boy band fan. It is guaranteed to make you laugh!!!

Our boybands had dolls,

 Our boybands weren't afraid to segregate their uglier members,

and could dance!

Our boybands weren't afraid to drop their pants,


  1. Just like 90s TV, music was better in the 90s too, that's why my Sirius Radio is always stuck on 90s on 9. Looks like we have something in common! Glad I found YOUR Blog :)

  2. Boybands WERE better in the 90's! Backstreet Boys were the BEST!!


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