Saturday, April 21, 2012

Pinterest finds!!

A little while back I posted about my new love of Pinterest and shared some of my favorite pins. Well its Saturday, I'm lounging in my sweats while watching my Tigers hopefully beat the Rangers, and I keep finding great new (to me) things on Pinterest so I figured I would share some more. If you like anything you see, feel free to click my little "Follow me on Pinterest" button at the top of my page :)

This is on my "Things to Make" board. It looks super easy to make and so cute!

"Dream Home" board. A pool and hot tub INSIDE. I WANT!!!!

"Gorgeous Guys" board. William Levy...please stay on DWTS as long as possible. Also please start acting in American entertainment!

"Old School" board. I seriously remember these toys from Happy Meals. I believe the chicken McNuggets turned into a dinosaur :)

"Words of Wisdom" board. I believe I saw somewhere that this quote was from John Lennon, but I may be wrong.

"Recipes and Food" board. White Chicken Enchilada's. I made these and they were so good and easy to make!!

"Smart Thinking" board. Decorating the back of bookshelf shelves with wallpaper or contact paper. I will be doing this!!

"Everything Else" board. This basically describes every trip of mine to Target!!

"My Style" board. I seriously love this handmade Detroit Tigers hoodie!!

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