Monday, October 4, 2010

My 5 Monday!!!

Happy Monday all! Can you believe it is already October? I sure can't! Well now that the fall season has started, that means all kinds of new shows and returning shows. Which also means I'm not killing the time by watching random reality shows. Have you seen how many reality shows are out there? I am pretty sure there is one about everything these days. I think I am going to find someone to follow and make a show about them and then sell it to some network. Seriously, they have one about EVERYTHING!! Now I haven't watched most of them because I honestly don't think I could handle them. That being said though, I did think "Deadliest Catch" seemed like something I would never watch in a million years and now I am obessed with it, so I won't knock the shows too bad until I've at least tried to watch them. Of course I am assuming that "Deadliest Catch" also led to "Whale Wars", "Lobsterman" and "Swords" being made since they are all pretty similar. All of the above are at least about people who have dangerous jobs, so of course that helps with the drama and entertainment factor. Some professions I am actually amazed they make shows about though. That being said, this week's topic is:

"My 5 WTF?! Reality Shows"

1. Groomer Has It

Groomer Has It Pictures, Images and Photos

Okay I have never watched an eppy of this show, nor do I ever care to. Apparently the premise though is twelve dog groomers live together and compete to find out who the best groomer in the country is. The winner then gets $50,000 and a "mobile grooming salon". Sounds exciting doesn't it? Turns out this show only lasted two seasons. Although I would have never thought a show about dog groomers would be made at all so kudos to them for lasting that long!

2. Pawn Stars

Pawn-Stars Pictures, Images and Photos

I found this one one day when I was browsing through the on demand selections. Turns out I actually know people that watch this one. This show is about the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas. Apparently it is described by TV Guide as a mixture of Antiques Roadshow, Cops, and LA Ink. If that's not a variety I don't know what is. Must be a pretty interesting pawn shop though, because I can't picture any of the local ones around me being the center of an entire TV show. This show has had three seasons so far. Take that "Groomer Has It"!

3. Billy the Exterminator

Billy Pictures, Images and Photos

Billy Bretherton is the owner of a pest control located in Louisiana. I have actually seen bits and pieces of this show when one of my patients have been watching it. This one actually does look like it might be intriguing. Also, Billy apparently tries to relocate the captured pests first, which I guess is a lot easier to watch than if her were killing them all. I might actually have to give this one a try. If I ever see one about bugs though, I will be turning the channel right away!

4. American Pickers

American Pickers Pictures, Images and Photos

This show, like "Pawn Stars", also airs on The History Channel. I guess since they are dealing with old stuff, it qualifies as "history". "Pickers" follows around two friends as they travel around the country, basically garbage picking. Just like "Pawn Stars" I would have never expected to have a show made about this "occupation". To each his own though, and if they can turn trash into treasure, more power to them!

5. Mall Cops

mall cops Pictures, Images and Photos

I think this show rates right up there with "Groomer Has It" for the WTF award. Mall Cops follows the daily happenings of the security guards (or mall cops) at Mall of America. I guess they were inspired by "Paul Blart: Mall Cop" when they made this show. Who would have thought!? Now I have never been to Mall of America, but I understand that it is a pretty big mall. Apparently there is also enough action and excitement happening there to fill an entire TV show. I think I may go there one day soon just to people watch and see if anything happens that makes it on the show. Ya never know!!

Well there ya have it. The five shows that made me say to myself "WTF?!?" when I saw their titles and descriptions. Have any of you watched any of these shows? What shows make you think to yourself "WTF?!"?

(I obtained my information from Wikipedia. Very helpful!)


  1. I have never seen any of these! Clearly I have some catching up to do!

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  2. It's times like this I'm glad I don't have a tv. I'd be addicted in no time!
    New follower from Making Friends Monday!

  3. Hello! Stopping by to follow your blog. Have a wonderful week! :-) My husband and I love to watch American Pickers and Pawn shop is ok sometimes.

    Carrie A Groff
    Living a Healthy Beach Life

  4. I hate most of these types of shows. I have seen American Pickers a few times, and enjoyed the historical aspect of it. Just watching people go about their everyday lives is terribly boring to me, you know? Give me adventures, drama, excitement! :)

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  6. Pawn Stars and Pickers are pretty awesome shows! Watch one and you might get hooked like I did!
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    Hope you will follow me back when you get the chance!

  7. Hey, I gave you a blog award! Come check it out:)

  8. Just finished watching American Pickers and am right now watching Pawn Stars! Great shows, very interesting!

    I'm following you!

    Cheers from Being Frugal & Making It Work

  9. Never seen any of these shows... but seriously WTF.. followed by 'Only in America' LOL!! What will they come up with next? Is there anything left in the world? Reality TV needs a reality check!! :) Hazel

  10. Well aren't you popular today? I've also given you an award today! Come check it out!

  11. I am a new email subscriber. Looking forward to your updates. =0)

    Hope you have a great week!
    -Melanie =0)
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  12. I have to admit to watching Pawn Stars a couple different times when flipping channels, LOL!
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