Monday, October 25, 2010

My 5 Monday!

So before I announce this week's topic, let me admit one thing: I am a fast food junkie! I try not to eat it more than once a week, but sometimes I get the craving and just can't help it. Yes I am aware it is bad for me. Eating bad is probably the worst habit I have though. I don't smoke, I rarely drink, and I have never done any illegal drugs in my life. Therefore, if the occassional cheeseburger is what I crave, I don't see the problem with that :). If I ever eat so much that I can qualify to be on the "Biggest Loser",trust me I will stop cold turkey. However, my Wii fit still tells me that I qualify as "normal" when it comes to BMI, so I don't have to worry just yet. Now that all of that has been said, my topic for this week is:
"My 5 Favorite Fast Food Items"

1. McDonalds Fountain Coke
Have to Get the Diet Cokes! Pictures, Images and Photos
Let me state one thing right now. I am a Pepsi person. I rarely buy Coke, unless it is a great sale and even then I mostly just buy Cherry Coke. However, McDonalds somehow has the BEST fountain Coke! I don't know what makes theirs so much different than all the others that sell fountain Coke, but trust me it is. I go through periods where I will crave that every day and stop at Mickey D's just for an ice cold Coke. The fact that they are still only $1 is also a huge plus!
2. Qdoba
qdoba Pictures, Images and Photos
Okay well I can't narrow this place down to just one item. I LOVE everything I have ever had here. Everything is so fresh and "real" tasting. They also don't skimp on the toppings like Taco Bell does. They may cost more than Taco Bell, but it is very much worth it! I can barely eat at Taco Bell anymore since I started eating Qdoba.
3. Cookie Jar Blizzard from Dairy Queen
Dairy Queen Mini Blizzard Pictures, Images and Photos
Well I don't even want to know how many calories I am eating when I order one of these. I do get a small though! Whoever thought of this concotion is a genius! Oreo cookie pieces, cookie dough, fudge swirl, and twist ice cream! LOVE IT!!!! Order this almost everytime I stop at DQ!
4. McDonald's Chicken McNuggets
McDonald's Chicken McNuggets Pictures, Images and Photos
Back in the day when I was a kid and used to get the chicken mcnugget happy meals, I used to break them open to see which ones were actually white meat and which ones were the other weird ones with the random parts. Well a few years ago, McDonalds got a clue and started making all of their mcnuggets with just white meat. Now there is no need to look inside them before sticking them in your mouth. Every one is equally delicious!
5. McDonalds Filet O'Fish (tie)
Filet-o-fish Friday! Pictures, Images and Photos
McDonald's has the best fish sandwiches in my opinion. I don't know if its the steamed bun or the cheese, but no other fast food joints fish sandwichs can even come close in my opinion. If I am feeling really bad, I go ahead and spend the extra 30 cents for extra tarter sauce.
5.Subway Club (tie)
Subway Club Sandwich Pictures, Images and Photos
Okay yes I know I cheated this week by having six, but I just remembered the Subway Club after typing up the filet o'fish. I used to work at Subway and would eat there every single time I worked and never got sick of it. My favorite sub to eat would have to be the Subway Club though. Ham, turkey, roast beef, provolone cheese, light mayo, mustard, tomato and pickle! Can't beat it. The fact that it is the newest $5 footlong makes me uber happy too!!!

Well there ya have it! Some of my guiltiest pleasures! What are some of your favorite fast food selections? Oh yea and don't forget to enter the giveaway!!! Just scroll down and you will find a link to it in the entry below!


  1. you are right, i dont know what Mcdonalds does to their fountain pop but Diet Coke there is is the bomb!!

  2. My guilty pleasure is Mickey D's french fries. I love those...

  3. anything Arby's! I love their fast food mozzarella sticks, I think I eat them 2x per year, so I'm also in the "normal" category.

  4. My mouth is watering over that cookie jar thingy. I've never had one, but OMG does it look amazing!


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