Tuesday, October 26, 2010

YouTube Tuesday!

Well since Halloween is this weekend, I figured I would keep with that theme for today's and tomorrow's posts. That being said, this weeks video is a trailer of a movie that just scares the crap outta me. That movie would be Child's Play! The original one of course. This is the creepiest, ugliest doll ever before he turns evil. Then add the knife to him and Chucky just scares the crap outta me! The first one was by far the scariest, in my opinion once Chucky got married and had a baby it just got stupid. While looking for a clip on YouTube, I did find out that they are remaking the original Child's Play. I am pretty sure I won't be seeing that! Enjoy and let me know what movies scare you the most!!

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  1. So I cant believe I just watched that whole preview! Crazy how we used to be so scared of that! I too, will not be wartching the new remake! Enjoy!

  2. I wasn't even about to try and watch that. I HATE those movies! My grandparents owned a doll shop when I was a little girl....


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