Sunday, October 17, 2010

My 5 Monday!!

My 5 Monday is back!!!! YAY!!! So I am having trouble thinking of topics for this little segment I have so feel free to post any ideas you may have for me in a comment below!! If you do, make sure you bounce back to yesterdays posting for the CSN giveaway and get yourself another entry! So as some of you may know from previous postings, I am sorta addicted to Friends. Actually, I am really addicted to it. If they had a support group, I would be a member. I have the entire series and have watched all the eppys numerous times. I wasn't a big fan of seasons 1&2, but 3-10 I LOVE!! Up until recently, I would watch at least 2 episodes everynight while getting ready for the day or getting ready to go to bed. The "Deadliest Catch" series has replaced that in the last few months, but until season 6 comes out for that, I am all caught up so its probably going to be time for Friends once again! I have tried to think of my favorite episodes of that show and can't narrow it down to less than 20 most likely. I think I have multiple favorites from every season. It is just way too hard to choose. So for this week's "My 5 Monday", the topic is:
"My 5 Favorite Friends Moments"

1. The one with Ross' couch
This obviously was actually the blopper,but all the videos I was finding on YouTube had their code embedding disabled. I thought this was even funnier though. Seriously everytime I watch this part I crack up laughing. The way he says "PIVOT" over and over again just cracks me up. I also love when he tries to return it to the store and it is in two pieces!

2. The one with Ross' tan
Okay well this is just hilarious. This eppy actually freaked me out so much I still haven't been able to try spray tanning. Love the way he counts so slow and then says "I'M AN 8". I honestly don't know why he even bothered counting and didn't just turn around when it stopped spraying, but that obviously wouldn't be as funny.

3. The one with the game
I loved everything about this little game of theirs. When they watch the coin fall to the table without calling it, the excitement while they are playing, the funny questions, and the fact that the question they lost to was what Chandler's job was since that was a long standing joke through the series.

4. The one where Ross plays the bagpipes
Once again a blooper, but apparently YouTube is pretty protective of their Friends clips. Hilarious yet again though! Ross sure had some of the funniest moments on the show. He was so smart and yet did some of the stupidest things. Like the one with the couch, I laugh everytime I watch this part, especially listening to Phoebe just shriek along with him.

5. The final episode
Well this episode was hilarious and sad all in one hour. Loved when the babies were born and they found out there were two of them, loved the sign Joey made and then the one that Mike made for the babies that was so much more elaborate, loved that they had the baby chick and baby duck that ended up in the foosball table causing them to have to break the table to get them out, and my favorite part is the scene above when Rachel gets off the plane and everything ends happily ever after!!!

So obviously those are just five of my favorite moments. I also loved all the Thanksgiving eppys, Rachel and Ross' Vegas wedding, Chandler and Monica's proposal, the one with all the resolutions, Chandler and Monica's wedding, the birth of the triplets, the one where no one is ready, the Halloween party episode where Chandler is dressed up like a bunny, and so many more. If they ever come out with a Friends movie, I will be there to see it the first night it's out!
What are some of your favorite moments from Friends? Anyone else (besides Becca and Jess) obsessed with the show like me? Make sure to post suggestions in your comments for next's weeks topic and then go get yourself another entry into the giveaway!!!


  1. How about Top 5 movies you're embarrassed to admit you really liked?

  2. Ohhhhh my goodness, the hubs and I are currently going through all 10 seasons of Friends (yet again). Every six months or so we'll watch them from start to finish. I, too, have an unhealthy affection for the show. I think it's one of the things that bonds us...

    We just watched the "Pivot!" episode last night. Love it. The Quiz episode (The One With the Embryos) is my most favorite episode ever. The hubs' favorite is the one with Unagi.

    I love this post! :) You're so awesome!

    You could also do My 5 Favorite Friend's Quotes.... that would be awesome, although it would be really hard to just pick five!

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  5. Seriously, I can't believe you are just now doing thi spost...surprise you didn't come up with it earlier!! Jeezz!!! :)

    You could totally do my 5 moments with my best friend Becca!!!

    Or My 5 scariest moments


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