Thursday, March 31, 2011

Idol Live with Nicole!! Top 11 Redux Results!!!

Well as you all know, this week we have TWO people leaving. Not really liking this fact because I think my eye candy Stefano is going to be one of them :(. I'm bracing myself now so when it happens I'm not surprised. I think if Casey would've been gone last week, Stefano would be safe for sure at least one more week, but I don't know. I am going to call the bottom 3 Stefano, Thia, and Naima. I could be completely wrong though since last week I was way off. Time will tell though! They really need to make this week's results show interesting after all that excitement last week. It's 7:55 now so everything I am saying is strictly my own predictions. I also predict that they will be doing an Elton John medley for their group number and it will include "The Circle of Life" and "Crocodile Rock" somewhere in there since we didn't hear those last night from anyone.

To begin the show, we get a nice little intro featuring piano playing and recaps from last night of the judges comments. At the end of the intro the words "Tonight 2 must go and you won't believe who is going home" are typed up on screen. Well if that's true then the three people I predicted will all be safe and it will be someone like Scotty, Pia, James, or Lauren leaving. Unless maybe Casey is leaving and that is supposed to be the surprise. Whoever it is, I hope the judges don't regret using the save last week! Apparently there were over 55 million votes which is a new record for this stage in the competition. Hmm Ryan sends the contestants over to the couches right away, so maybe there isn't a group number tonight after all.

Okay well instead of a large group number, we get group performances and duets. First up, Lauren and Scotty singing "I Told You So". Is this an Elton John song, because I'm pretty sure its by Randy Travis and Carrie Underwood. Actually I'm positive this is by Randy and Carrie. Of course since this is a country song and these are the country kids, they sound great on it. Wow if they ever have country week, Scotty is going to knock it out of the park, but I guess that's a given huh? No lip syncing this week either!! Oh wow, now Ryan calls Scotty and Lauren to the center of the stage and its time for some results! The judges all look so nervous during these results this week! Scotty and Lauren are SAFE!! Wow for a minute there I really thought one of them would be in the bottom 3. Nice job with the suspense Ryan!!

After the break we get the Ford music video. This week it is "Kryptonite" and its the first song I actually recognize from these music videos this season. They sound good, but all them singing this song kinda reminds me of the commercials for the "Kidz Bop" cds. Ryan asks Casey about shaving his beard and he says he may shave it all off, you never know. James talks about the fan mail he has gotten including bracelets (which he wears) and a custom made WWE belt. Nice!! Naima and Jacob are called to the center next. They are singing "Solid" by Ashford and Simpson?? Jacob is soo dramatic and broadway-ish!! When is this song from?? I feel like I'm watching "Solid Gold Oldies". This performance is too cheesy for my liking. Results time again. Jacob looks totally nervous. Naima is BOTTOM 3!! Jacob is SAFE!!! Okay no surprises so far....

Next we hear from Fantasia singing "Collared Greens and Cornbread". Goodness I forgot how annoying her speaking voice was! She asks the crowd if its okay we take it back old school and before I can respond, I am watching "Solid Gold Oldies" again. Yea her singing voice kind of annoys me too. I was never a big Fantasia fan, but I'm pretty sure I wasn't crazy about anyone from her season. I'm bored by this performance. Hopefully and Jamie Foxx are more exciting, but I think that probably goes without saying. This song mentions many different foods. So glad that's over with!! Performing up next are Haley, Thia, and Pia with "Teenage Dream". YAY we are back to this generation's music! This is the most up-tempo thing Pia has sung on this show! Pretty good performance from the three of them. Pia is SAFE!! Thia is BOTTOM 3!!! Haley is SAFE!! Yea, my predictions are so much better this week than last. Only way I will be surprised now is if James is the last one in the Bottom 3 (which I highly doubt).

KRIS ALLEN IS IN THE AUDIENCE!!!!! Oh how I love me some Kris!!! So adorable!! After that lovely cameo and Naima's stank face when Ryan refreshed our memory on the bottom 3, we get to see "The rockstar lifestyle that two people will have to leave behind". Nice Ryan. This includes a recording session at 6 am, followed by a private jet trip to Arizona for a charity event with Muhammad Ali. Then on Sunday they do the Ford music shoot, and return home to their gorgeous mansion that apparently leaks. Lauren then slips down the stairs and then says "Its definitely gonna be on TV". You're right Lauren. The idols have to go to a hotel to stay because of their leakage problem. Seriously, they have a huge, expensive house and they don't even have a leak proof roof?!?! Then more performance prep and we again get to see the clip of the save and Casey almost passing out. Apparently we haven't seen it enough yet. Aww Casey felt guilty after getting the save. He will probably feel more guilty if he doesn't go home tonight and two other people do. Back to performances!! Paul, Stefano, Casey, and James are next with "Band on the Run". Paul, James, Casey are all on guitar and Stefano is on keyboard. This is actually amusing because they are all so different!! Paul really needs to have a Rod Stewart theme week and he will sing them all under the table! Results!! Casey is SAFE!!! James is SAFE!!! Stefano is SAFE!!! Paul is BOTTOM 3!!!! YAY so happy my guy is safe!!! If Paul goes home I will be surprised though, Naima and Thia...not surprised.

Jamie Foxx and are next after the break performing "Hot Wings" from the upcoming movie "Rio". And we've got a marching band and dancers on stage before Jamie and will are seen on the infamous steps. This is a fun song from an animated kids movie, but its not as catchy as "Blame It". Entertaining enough performance though.

Time for the eliminations!! Paul is SAFE!!! Naima and Thia are ELIMINATED!!! Lauren is bawling!! Okay mystery typer at the beginning of the show, I DO believe who is going home. I am pretty sure I predicted it!! How dare you lie to me and make me think some of the most popular and praised contestants were leaving!! Well at least Naima gets to go home to her cute little girls now.  

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  1. For the first time this season I was right about who was leaving!!!!!


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