Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sick of Them Saturday!!!

Well it is the return of "Sick of Them Saturday". I meant to do this feature last week, but never got around to it. Can you believe it though, I am sick of the same person this week too. Any guesses who that might be??? Yes, you are correct if you guessed CHARLIE SHEEN!!!!

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Now I do find his show former show very funny. He also does make a few good points like when he said that he honored his contract by showing up for work and doing his job. He said they told him to get help and he did and apparently the drug tests came back clear. Yet they still decided to leave the show production on hiatus and eventually fire him, therefore breaking his contract. However, he didn't do himself any favors by bad mouthing anyone and everyone involved with the show. This week he called out (and called a few unpleasant names) Jon Cryer for not publicly supporting him and also insulted John Stamos who was in talks to be his replacement on the show, although I heard he apologized for that. Now I don't know how successful the show will be without him since he was a huge part in making it the hit that it was, but I guess we will see next season. I am incredibly sick of hearing about him all day everyday. Every magazine has him on the cover, every entertainment news show has him as the top story, and last week he seemed to make the rounds to every news show (that wasn't on CBS). I personally was pretty annoyed when his 20/20 special pre-empted "Detroit 1-8-7", especially since there had already been specials about him on the previous night and that morning. He is making himself some pretty popular quotes though. I heard he was going to make T-shirts with them, but I'm hoping thats a rumor. If I only see Charlie on reruns of "Two and a Half Men" this upcoming week, I will be very happy!


  1. I'm just so disappointed in him. He has such talent, and he's wasting it away. Sad to see.

  2. I'll be fine never to see him in anything on TV or movies ever again. Don't think I'll miss him. He needs to just get his life under control and be a Dad and hush!


  3. I so agree...I am tired of it all as well.


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