Thursday, March 24, 2011

Idol Live with Nicole! Top 11 Results...aka WTF!?!

Well let me state my guesses of the bottom three before the show starts. They would be Haley, Naima and possibly Stefano??  Actually it was a pretty good show last night so its too hard to even predict. I think I will only call Jacob, James, Pia, Lauren and Scotty safe for sure. Everyone else is pretty much up in the air. Haley could be a goner tonight, but we will see. If it is Stefano that gets the lowest amount of votes, I could see the judges using their save for him. Haley I don't see them using it for.

Aww all the Idols look very nice in their formal attire. Apparently Marc Anthony helped the contestants this week before their performances to work on their pitchiness and hearing problems on stage. It seems to have worked since they all sounded great last night. Why didn't they think to do this much sooner. Seriously the show has been on 10 seasons and they are just now getting around to this?!?!?!? They also show him disagreeing with the judges backstage which I appreciate since I disagree with them frequently also. Next up is the group performance of "Ain't No Mountain High Enough". It appears they are singing live this week too! Sounds so much better live! Guess the producers heard about all the complaining about the lip syncing. The idols all look so great tonight too! Well after that great performance we are surprised by Stevie Wonder himself on stage to sing "Signed, Sealed, Delivered".Steven Tyler seriously looks extremely surprised and happy by this appearance too. Is it just me or does Stevie never seem to age?? My favorite group performance by far, even before Stevie came out. Could've used a little more Stefano during "Ain't No Mountain", but pretty great anyways :). Aww afterwards Stevie sings "Happy Birthday" to Steven and he is so happy its adorable! Wow they got him a cake and painting and everything. This is the best results show of the season so far. Hopefully Stefano will be safe and I will be extremely happy!

Uh oh, after commercial break, Ryan tells us they are surprising results. That's not usually a good thing on this show! Eek!!! Ford music video is next. This week the song is "All This Beauty". Cute video about recycling. Now time for some results! Up first are Lauren, Pia, and Scotty. Well Ryan tells us after the votes they will all be packing their go on summer tour because they are all SAFE! Not surprised by that at all.

Sugarland performs their hit "Stuck Like Glue" after commercial. Love me some Sugarland. They do a pretty good performance. Jennifer Nettles looks like she is from the 80's with her outfit though.  This seems like it was pre-recorded though because I don't see the Idols or judges at all. After Sugarland we hear more about the Idols love of sports wrestling . Apparently James is a fan of WWE and doesn't believe that it is fake. Jacob refuses to talk about wrestling and we then see footage of Paul and James wrestling each other and James seems to be pretty good with the take downs. This is all pretty cute and all, but it seems pretty pointless and random. It was very entertaining though so I am pretty sure I would be able to watch all these people in a "Real World" type show. More results now! James and Paul are called up next. Ryan has them stand on opposite sides and then  Ryan then tells us that both of them are "not safe" tonight and then that they are "really not safe tonight" and we get some "Eye of the Tiger" and then Hulk Hogan appears from behind the doors. WTF is going on with this show tonight?!?! This is becoming the weirdest results show ever! Stefano is jumping up and down and James looks like he is going to have a heart attack. Hogan then tells them that both James and Paul are SAFE! He then "throws" Ryan off stage and rips open his shirt. WTF just happened?!?!

Well back from commercial and more results. Jacob, Thia, and Stefano are called down next. Jacob is SAFE, Thia is BOTTOM 3 and Stefano is BOTTOM 3! :( Ryan then calls down Casey, Haley, and Naima and tells us its an interesting night so make sure we stay tuned to the whole show. Uh oh :(. Naima is SAFE. Haley is SAFE. Casey is BOTTOM 3!!!!! Wow very wrong with my bottom three prediction.

Jennifer Hudson performs her single "Where You At". Jennifer looks amazing (as we've all seen from the Weight Watchers commercials). She sounds great too. I'm liking her new song a lot. I may be wrong but I think this is the first time Jennifer has been on the show since her season. George Huff is one of her backup singers too :). Back to the results. Ryan sends Thia back to safety. I'm getting really nervous now. EEK!!

Ryan announces that the person with the lowest amount of votes is CASEY. STEFANO IS SAFE!! Aww Stefano seems to be crying (maybe). Stefano and Casey hug for a good minute while Stefano is telling him something, which we can't hear because its muffled, but the producers seem to censor it anyway?!? Stefano then goes and hugs James for a long time too. Love the little bromance between Stefano and James :) Casey chooses to sing "I Don't Need No Doctor" and I am predicting before he even sings that the judges will save him. I could be wrong though (clearly I was with my bottom 3 predictions). Well after a couple lines, Ryan stops him because Randy is waving his arms for him to stop singing. Randy tells him they don't need him to sing anymore because they already know who he is. I was right the judges don't even need to hear him sing, they are going to SAVE him. Casey then looks like he is seriously about to pass out and Ryan announces they are using their one save on him. He then asks them if they are kidding, which if they were that would be extremely mean, but of course they aren't. Great reaction from Casey though. Ryan, like myself, really seemed to think he was going to pass out. He then runs to the audience to hug his parents. Well, based on his reaction alone, I am glad they saved him. I just hope my boy Stefano is safe next week! Casey is really surprised they saved him with 11 people left, but lets face it, the judges have their faves and they are going to save them regardless of how many people are left. Wow this night just keeps on with the surprises as Ryan announces that next week TWO people will be eliminated, BUT that all 11 contestants will be going on tour this summer.

WOW that was quite possibly the most exciting results show I have seen. From beginning to end, the surprises just kept coming. I really hope Stefano knocks it out of the park though so he survives the double elimination!!! GREAT SHOW!!!


  1. They've done mentors before, this isn't the first time.
    That is funny about James, Paul, and Hulk Hogan. I wish I would have gotten to see that!!
    Oh, and that was great how Ryan told the first 3 people they were safe, he's always doing stuff like that.
    America definitely got it all wrong, Casey should not have been in the bottom 3 at all.
    It really sucks that the one results show I miss, is the most exciting one of them all!! Oh well though.

  2. I'm SO glad you cover Idol because although I dvr every episode, Thursday's show was accidentally deleted before I was able to watch it! So THANK YOU! :)

    P.S. I'm glad they saved Casey, I kinda dig him.


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