Thursday, March 3, 2011

Idol Live with Nicole! Top 24 Results- Top 12 Named!

Dear American Idol people,
It is bad enough when you make your results shows one hour, but to stretch it out to two hours is just plain ridiculous. Do you realize that both performance shows were only an hour and a half. Seriously, WTF?!?

Well apparently we are getting two hours of show tonight. This should be just about full of filler. They will eliminate 12 people, have them sing 30 seconds each and yet somehow we are getting 120 minutes of footage. Oh goody!

In the intro, we get a recap of the contestants auditions and which cities they came from. Followed by recaps of Hollywood week and snippets of the shows from the previous two nights. Seriously all that only took 2 minutes. Yet somehow they manage to stretch out eliminations for another 118 minutes minus about 30-40 minutes worth of commericals (mostly for AT&T, Coke, and Ford). Ryan lets us know this is the largest cut ever. True Ryan, 12 people in one night is quite a lot. Goodness it took a good 2 or 3 minutes just to introduce everyone and half went to one side of the stage and the other half to the opposite side. Ryan lets us know that after the Top 10 are chosen, the judges will choose from the remaining 14 who they want to sing again for a chance at the wildcard vote (from them). Steven is asked who he thought was better, the guys or girls and he plays Switzerland and says they were pretty even. I say the girls were! Before commerical, Ryan lets us know that "drama like you've never seen before" is about to unfold.

After commerical, we see a 5 minute recap of the guys night. Time for eliminations...after Ryan talks some more to the guys. Nope I was wrong, now we get some interview footage of the guys. FILLER!!!! James lets us know that the Top 40 party had a blue carpet, which is kind of like a red carpet, but blue. Thanks James!! Well even though it was filler, it was pretty entertaining. The guys (for the most part) seem fun. Now eliminations!! Up first is Scotty and Robbie, Scotty is SAFE! Robbie is ELIMINATED! He still could get a wildcard spot though. Clint, Jordan, and Jovonny are next. Clint looks like he is about to have an anxiety attack. Jordan says if he could redo it he would pick a John Legend song, "Ordinary People". Jovonny looks like he could be on Jersey Shore. Clint and Jordan are ELIMINATED! Jovonny is also ELIMINATED! Wow Ryan way to lead him on! So far no surprises for me :).

The girls are up next and once again we get a quick recap of last night's show andalso an interview package. Pia and Lauren A. are up first. Lauren is SAFE! Pia is also SAFE!! YAY happy about both of those two :). Ta-Tynisa and Julie are next. Ta-Tynisa is ELIMINATED! Julie is also ELIMINATED!

Back from commerical and Kendra, Ashthon and Karen are up next. Ashthon is ELIMINATED...WTF!! Karen is SAFE! Kendra is ELIMINATED! Tim, Jacob, and Casey are up now. Ryan calls the song Tim sang "Streetcorner Serande" when its actually called "Streetcorner Symphony". C'mon now Ryan. Jacob is SAFE! Casey is SAFE! Tim is ELIMINATED! Awww, I <3 Tim! Although he didn't do very well Tuesday so I guess its justified. Naima, Thia, and Lauren T are next. Seriously we are flying through these things now! Naima is ELIMINATED! Thia is SAFE! Lauren T is ELIMINATED! Brett and Paul are up. Okay these are going so fast that I am losing track of how many people we have left. Goodness! Paul seriously has the whitest teeth ever! Paul is SAFE! Brett is ELIMINATED! Well my gosh that was a lot of people to go through in 10  minutes!

Hailey and Rachel are first after the break. Hailey is SAFE! Rachel is ELIMINATED! Now the remaining two guys, Stefano and James. Aww they have been roommates since Hollywood week. James is SAFE! Stefano is ELIMINATED! :( Okay so before they even sing, I am hoping the wildcard spots go to either Stefano or Tim and Ashthon.

Okay I see why this needed to be two hours long...

So it looks like the judges are choosing six people to sing for a chance at the two remaining spots. Three boys and three girls. Up first is Ashthon :). She is singing "And I Am Telling You". Good performance, great vocals. Very good control when she was holding the notes. She has a great shot at making the Top 12. Judges seemed to all like it. Next up to sing is Stefano :). He is going to sing "I Need You Now". Okay I am liking this much better than the Bruno Mars song from two nights ago. Also had good control when holding out the notes. If he would've sang like this the other night he would have been safe I think. Jennifer is jumping in her seat so I think she liked it. Judges all seemed to like him too. Really hoping those two get through!!

The judges choose Kendra to sing next. She chooses "Georgia On My Mind". A little too low on the volume in the beginning. Can't hear her too well. Chorus picks up and its pretty good. The end sounded a little sharp, but that could just be me. Randy agrees with me about it being low in the beginning. Next up is Jovonny. He chooses "Angel". Good choice for him. Ahhh some more singing in espanol. Okay he is doing pretty good too. Dang it I really wanted Stefano to be a lock for the wildcard. Nice job by Jovonny though, he's definitely in it still. Jennifer tells him he did all he could do...hmm that doesn't sound as promising as previous comments.

Naima is first to sing after the break. That means Rachel, Ta-Tyneisa, Lauren T. and Julie are all going home for sure. Naima chooses "For All We Know". Another good performance. All three girls did good, but I really hope Ashthon makes it. This song she is singing is a pretty good exit song though...Hmm she did pretty good. Could be a tough decision for the judges. Crying at the end too so bonus points for that. Last guy to sing is Robbie. That means Brett, Jordan, Clint and Tim :( are gone. Brett hugs all the judges. He was pretty likeable. I will miss Tim for sure though. Robbie sings "Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word". Of course he is doing well too. Still hoping Stefano gets it though. Judges seem like they are loving it...crap! Well it will be either Robbie or Stefano for the guys I am sure. Although the judges seemed to like Stefano's Tuesday night performance more than Robbie so hopefully that helps. Randy says this is the toughest night ever.

After the break, the judges still don't have their decision so therefore we get to see Jennifer's new music video. What a coincidence how that worked out hmm, After the video, the judges have their choices. Of course we have to wait until after more commericals to find out though.

Finally we get to hear the results. The people moving on are ASHTHON, STEFANO and NAIMA. YAY very happy about the results!! So the Top 13 are Scotty, Lauren A,. Karen, Pia, Jacob, Casey, Thia, Paul, Hailey, James, Ashthon, Stefano, and Naima! Well almost all of my favorites made it to the Top 13, did yours?

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  1. Great recap. My thoughts followed an eerily similar inner dialogue...

    That Lauren T. girl is from my hometown, and everyone here was all in a hooplah over her, but I didn't really care for her, so I'm glad she was eliminated. Now I can stop seeing people promote her all over Facebook.

    I like a lot of the top 13, but I don't have an actual top favorite yet.


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