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Idol Live with Nicole! Top 12 Girls!

Well tonight we get to hear the girls sing, and I hope after a lackluster night last night, they are better than the boys. I just noticed how nice it is not to hear Randy boo any of the judges as they are introduced now that Simon is gone! Steven seems to get the most cheers from the crowd though, he is probably my fave too :). On with the show!

Ta-Tynisa Wilson "Only Girl in The World"- This is the girl that somehow made it to the Top 24 even though she forgot her words quite frequently during the Hollywood rounds. She needs to bring it tonight, especially since she is the first to go and most people forget about them by the time the show is over. Her vocals sound good enough, but it almost seems as if the music is louder than her singing. Great energy on stage though. Pretty good performance, and she didn't forget her lyrics this time! Steven said it was a beautiful way to open the show. Jennifer said she started off a little shaky, but she brought it home. Randy differs and thinks it was just okay. He said it paled in comparison to Rihanna's version. Randy is most definitely playing the Simon role this season and telling it like it is. It only took 10 years for him to make any sense!

Naima Adedapo "Summertime"- Well this is a risky song for her to take on since Fantasia had such a memorable performance with this way back in season 3. She was one of my faves from the earlier rounds so hopefully she does good. Her dress kinda reminds me of curtains. She is sounding pretty decent, but nowhere near as memorable as Fantasia. Pretty good stage presence. Ending was pretty good. Jennifer tells her she is like an exotic flower in a rose garden, tells her really good job. Randy said it was a little "lounge acty". Brings up the Fantasia performance, but says she nailed it at the end. Steven calls it early Ella Fitzgerald. He loves her a lot and he liked her a lot tonight.

Kendra Chantelle "Impossible"- Okay so I don't really remember this girl too much. She is singing this pretty well though. Sounds a little bluesy with her tone. Pretty nice performance and she did a decent job on the high note at the end. Randy was worried when he saw she picked that song, but he really liked it. Steven said everything was hot. Total package. Jennifer said she fought her way into the Top 12 and says we are just scratching the surface with her so she hopes she can make it to the next round.

Rachel Zavita "Criminal"- Well she sure isn't nervous on the stage. Not a big fan of her vocals though. She is a good performer, but not great singing from her tonight. Okay I am apparently wrong, because the audience gave her a standing ovation. Steven called her a little two Broadway, I AGREE!! Jennifer asks if she wants America to see her as a Broadway performer or as a recording artist. Randy says it wasn't great then says it wasn't good. He didn't recognize the song (nor did I). Guess I wasn't wrong, I stick with my original opinion!

Karen Rodriguez "Hero"- Ballsy move picking a Mariah song, especially this one. After one line into the song she starts singing in Spanish. Then back to English for the chorus. Hmm I'm not sure if I like that. Sounds pretty decent on the chorus. Oh back to Spanish now, this is too confusing. Now back to English, and she sings the last line in Spanish. Count em up and you have six language changes. Jennifer of course loves it since she sings in both Spanish and English too. Called it amazing. Randy likes that she made it her own, called the Spanish better than the English. Steven calls her a one of a kind singer. Tells her to sing it with Jacob. Calls her fantastic. Good vocal performance, just too many language changes for me.

Lauren Turner "Seven Day Fool"- I am pretty sure I have never heard this song before. Another girl that has great energy on the stage. These girls don't seem to have the nerves that the boys did the night before. She is sounding pretty good, just don't know about the song choice. She also hit the high note at the end. Seems to be a theme tonight with these songs. Randy says "yo" three times and then says "that's how you do it man". Calls it Amy Winehouse meets Florence and the Machine. Steven called it beautiful, he loved it. Jennifer says her voice is undeniable. Says she was physically holding back though. I thought she did pretty well with moving around the stage though.

Ashthon Jones "Love All Over Me"- Another one of my faves so far. I haven't heard this song before either. She is singing it darn good though. My favorite of the night so far. Very good R&B voice on her. She also gets a standing ovation from the crowd. Steven says she has the confidence of a queen and says "we found one". Jennifer says she has all the makings of a diva. Says her confidence is breathtaking and her voice is amazing. Randy says he feels like she has been doing it forever, but didn't like the song choice. He thinks she could go bigger.

Julie Zorilla "Breakaway"- Very pretty girl, but she starts off a little shaky. The judges don't look like they are enjoying it. The end gets better than the beginning, but still not great. Her fellow contestants didn't even stand for her. Jennifer liked it but she doesn't feel it is the best we have seen her do. Doesn't think she connected to the performance. Randy doesn't think she brought anything new (that's his theme of the season I think) and says she didn't sing it nearly as good as Kelly Clarkson did. Steven says it would've been better if she took it up a couple keys. Hmm she is like able, but she will probably be going home. 

Hailey Reinhart "Fallin"- Also a pretty girl, but I haven't been a fan of her voice. This is also a hard song to sing on this show since the original is so good. Yea I can't say I am loving this too much. As the song goes on, I like it less and less. Not a fan of the growling thing she has going on. Alicia Keys isn't much of a growler so it doesn't sound good on this song. Ending wasn't bad, but overall, EH. Randy says the song doesn't do anything for her. Calls it karaoke. Steven heard just the right amount of style and just the right amount of sexy. He liked it a lot. Jennifer agrees with Steven. She liked the growl. Tells her to get out of her head a little bit. God help me, I am agreeing with Randy mostly this season.

Thia Megia "Out Here On My Own"- One of the youngest contestants of the season. Wow she is getting the special lighting and acapello on the first night! Impressive! Music kicks in after the first couple lines, but the singing is still dominant. Very nice vocals. Very controlled and smooth singing. My new favorite of the night. Steven says her pitch was so perfect it doesn't matter what she sings. Jennifer agrees with Steven. She loved it. Called it really special. Randy says her tone reminds him of Michael Jackson? WTF? Anyways he ends by saying this is what hot singing is about. Yea I am calling her safe for sure!

Lauren Alaina "Turn On the Radio"- Poor Lauren has to follow that so good luck to her. She is the country girl of the season apparently. Cute girl and she also works the stage pretty well. Nice singing too. Great energy. Good performance over all by her. Jennifer says she doesn't even have to try, calls it effortless. Is amazed by how much of a natural she is. Randy says she has a natural gift and he doesn't think she even knows how good she is. Says she reminds him of Kelly meets Carrie. Steven loves her and says we haven't seen the best of her yet. She will also be safe I predict. She then calls Ryan "peaches", apparently because he is from Georgia. She is very like able so she SHOULD do well in this competition.  

Pia Toscano "I'll Stand By You"- Well this should be good since she gets the pimp spot. I love this song, and she is singing it pretty well. Very simple and straightforward, not too over the top at all, but very nice. Very smooth performance and she hits the high notes at the end. Loved it! Standing ovation by the judges, and just about everyone else. Randy says she just put herself in the top with some of the most amazing performances in the past 10 seasons. Steven says it was gorgeous. Jennifer says she was saving that performance for when it counts, says it was out of this world. She will also be SAFE!! If not by America, then for the wildcard pick for sure!

Well I am calling Pia, Lauren A., Ashton, and Thia safe. Possibly Karen and/or Lauren T. too. Maybe Hailey...The first four I mentioned should be safe though...hopefully! Guess we will find out tomorrow!!

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  1. I love reading your reviews...I just don't always take the time to tell you. But I do. Keep em coming!

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