Thursday, March 10, 2011

Idol Live with Nicole! Top 13 Results!!

Well being that it is 7:56 and the show hasn't started, I am going to predict a girl being voted off tonight. Most likely either Ashthon, Karen, or Hailey. We will see though. Tonight's show also features performances by Diddy Dirty Money and Adam Lambert. Hopefully Lee Dewyze will get to perform on the show soon since his career after winning Idol hasn't been too great.

Wow looks like Casey is sick and in the hospital AGAIN. I believe this happened last week too. Goodness hopefully he is okay, he had a great performance last night! Looks like the Idols all get to live together in some gorgeous mansion. Probably one of Ryan's, I'm sure he has a few to spare. The bedrooms appear bigger than my whole apartment..seriously! Oh YAY the horrible group numbers are back!! They are performing lip-synching a Michael Jackson medley. Seriously why must they lip synch these things, you can totally tell! Ahh "Man In the Mirror", the song that made me fall in love with Kris Allen two seasons ago :). Have a look yourself...

Back from commerical and we get to see a middle aged guy holding a "Steven Tyler for President" sign the Ford music video. Now unlike the group numbers I actually do like these. This weeks video is "The World", which I have never heard before, but the videos always look like so much fun! After the music video is another video from the red carpet premiere of "Red Riding Hood", which all of the Idols got to attend. Some of them seem very excited to see Lance Bass there and Nikki Reed from "Twilight" is also there and Paul asks if she is "some sort of famous actress or something". Something like that Paul. Now finally time for some results!! Jacob, Karen, and Stefano are called up first. Jacob says he messed up but he pulled himself together and got back on track (during last nights performance). Karen says she couldn't hear herself that well so she wasn't relaxed while singing. Stefano is glad to be there after being the wildcard pick last week. Ryan once again messes with them and says "You are all safe...EXCEPT Karen this week". Nice Ryan. Not surprised though and glad Stefano is safe :).

Adam Lambert performs "Aftermath" unplugged. Wow I honestly was expecting an over the top performance full of lights and special effects from him. Not even close though. Not a bad performance at all. Well no lights or effects, but we do get thr trademark scream, albeit toned down a notch or two. All in all pretty nice by Adam. He wanted to strip the performance down so people could focus more on the message of the song...good idea.

After break Lauren, Ashthon, and Hailey are up. When asked how she felt about the judges comments, Lauren replies "Um, huh, you kinda sucked." She says they were right though and it wasn't good and she apologizes for her "bad" performance. Ryan sees she is about to cry so he says he isn't going to drag it out anymore and tells her she is SAFE! Ryan tells Ashthon AND Hailey they are both in the BOTTOM THREE! So with Ashthon, Hailey and Karen being in the bottom three, that means Scotty, Casey, James, Naima, Pia, Thia, and Paul are all SAFE! Well I am not surprised at all, as you can see from my prediction in the beginning of this post which I promised was typed before the show started :)

 Puff Daddy, P.Diddy, Diddy, Diddy Dirty Money performs his hit "Coming Home" ft. Skylar Gray after commercial. Love this song and I am LOVING this performance! Very mellow and nice. That could very well be one of my favorite performances (by an already established singer) on this show. Great job Diddy Dirty Money! He then talks to the contestants a little before plugging his upcoming tour. Wow performances from both music guests were live tonight and not pre-recorded, very impressive! 

Finally time for the first elimination of the Top 13. Actually now that I think about it, I am surprised they didn't eliminate two people like they have done before when there was a Top 13. Karen is SAFE, Hailey is SAFE, Ashthon is ELIMINATED. Although looks like the judges save is back so she could still have a chance. Ashthon chooses to sing Diana Ross again (even though its what got her the least amount of votes). Her performance is better than last night, but the judges don't save her again. Can't say I blame them though, America doesn't seem to claim her as their favorite so no point is wasting the save this early in the season. I did like Ashthon, but her performances haven't been the greatest these past couple weeks. This years elimination song is "Don't You Forget About Me" by David Cook and poor Ashthon is just crying during her video.

Remaining: Jacob, Stefano, Lauren, Scotty, Casey, James, Pia, Naima, Thia, Paul, Karen, Hailey, Ashthon.


  1. I am obsessed with this season's Idol. I agree...the talent is insane this season (finally!). I was disappointed that Ashthon got kicked off but my faves (James and Casey) are still there, so I'm happy. :)


  2. I totally called this one! I wished she would have done better given the wild card...i think she thought she was more than she could really produce.

    i vote Pia and Casey!



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